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November 12, 2014 | Comments Off

Basia sips some water!

Last night Mark and I were talking about all the things we have to do in the upcoming weeks – get the front door replaced, get a car, get a kitty, holiday shop for them, see my pain management doctor, see his back doctor and whatever/whomever he recommends, go to the eye doctor, see a lawyer about our pet trust, get my hair done, have the mobile vet come for two vet appointments (one with Lulu being retested to see if the hyperthyroidism really doesn’t exist, the other with acupuncture and testing for the two with kidney disease), and figure out if my brother is painting the front door and sunroom or not. As of right now, he’s still not committing to coming up, and we can’t have a white front door very long due to our community guidelines. The stress is affecting my back, of course. So last night we were both in bed, clutching our backs and saying, “OW!” What messes! Finally Mark said he was tired of talking about things that were coming up, so we went back to watching Burning Love which we are like two years behind on, but it totally changes our mood instantaneously!

And at bedtime Mark’s back was hurting so much so that he didn’t feel like going to get Basia and carrying her up to the guest room bed with him. He figured she’d come up at some point and didn’t think she’d come if he called. I believed in our daughter! So I called down and said, “Basia, it’s bedtime! Come get some yummies!” I repeated it maybe three times total, and she trotted on up the stairs and went right into the guest room all on her own. And he and I had such huge smiles on our faces! I was particularly happy because she, a true daddy’s girl, came up when I called her!

Today the front door finally got replaced, so that’s one thing off of our to-do list! Last time it came in, we found out that Home Depot had ordered the wrong size door, so we were back to waiting around for another four or so weeks. Unfortunately, the installer left the debris at the side of the road which we could get in trouble for. We thought for sure we had asked to have all of that removed, so we called about it and he is supposed to come back for it by the end of the day tomorrow. While we had no front door on our house, a dog (part pitbull) wandered inside. We didn’t recognize it, so Mark put the dog inside our fence with some water, and we planned on making a sign and taping it to our community mailboxes. After some time had passed, I asked Mark to check on it. Apparently one of our neighbors came by to look for her missing dog, and the installer directed her to our fence. Nobody bothered to tell us or thank us, but I’m just glad it ended well! Anyway, while all this was going on, three cats were stashed with me while Basia got her glorious guest room again. That’s her room and her room alone whenever something like this pops up. She may be a loner, but she’s a cute loner!

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