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November 11, 2014 | Comments Off

Bossy Boy Sam

I recently realized that I let my cats boss me around – and I don’t even care.

Not too long ago I told the story about how Pacey doesn’t always come upstairs for his bedtime treats. If I’m the one doling them out, I don’t take them to him if he’s downstairs; I keep some under my pillow for when he comes upstairs for cuddles. If Mark hands them out, he will take them downstairs to him and Basia. I don’t use the stairs if I don’t have to because of my back, and Mark always takes care of Basia. But now even if Mark gives him some, Pacey expects to find extra treats waiting for him tucked under my pillow, and I’m finding it hard to say no to his sweet, expectant face. Also, he has this thing that he’s been doing forever where he stares at me until I do what he wants, like follow him into the other room where he wants to go for cuddles or turn onto my left side to spoon him for cuddles, even if I’m already online watching tv or otherwise occupied.

On Sunday, Sam literally backed himself onto my pillow, forcing me to move my head to make room for him. He did this so he could have his favorite cuddling position which is where I put both my arms around him and he slings one of his meaty little legs/paws across my arm so we can snooze together. In this instance, after we had been asleep for a little bit, he threw his caboose onto my face to the point where I just couldn’t breathe. I had to complain, and he acted like it was all my fault and then left in a snit!

Basia isn’t immune to being bossy, yet she does it in such a cute way. She squeaks, and she has learned that I can’t say no to those adorable little noises that come out of her sweet mouth! So, yes, I give her treats if she squeaks at me. But if it looks like I’m taking too long, she’s now taken to jumping off the counter and hanging around by the pantry door where the treats are located. So, yes, I give her a little extra, especially after she puts all that hard work into getting my attention!

Lulu’s only a bossy girl at mealtimes, just like how the rest of them are. If it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, she will chime in and let us know that her tiny tummy is on e for empty. But I think that’s about it for her!

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