trip fallout

November 8, 2014 | Comments Off

Playtime with little Lulu

In this picture, Lulu is playing and is back to being her cute little self. Yesterday when we got back from an overnight trip after visiting two more cat retirement homes in another state (which I have a post coming up that’ll talk all about that and our interesting travel), things were very different!

When we came home, she was the only furbaby to give me a hard time! My soulmate kitty ignored me, ran from me, hid under the bed, didn’t come when I called her, gave me dirty looks, and so on! She obviously was not happy with me for leaving her, even though the cleaner spent the night here and knew how to take care of all of them. After an hour had passed, she decided she had spurned my love and showed her disappointment in me long enough, and she jumped up and then laid down on me for some cuddles. Whew!

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