a cuddle story

November 3, 2014 | Comments Off

Pacey is annoyed by his mama!

Pacey does this thing at night that I think is so adorable! In the middle of the night after we’ve been snoozing and cuddling together for a couple of hours, he will wake up and decide that he’s thirsty and that he needs a drink. Well, we have water in the master bedroom (two sources, actually – a fountain and a regular bowl), and he jumps his little body off the bed to take a big drink. I really enjoy listening to him drink and then listening to him walk the long way around the bed so that he can jump back up, walk gently over me, and reclaim his precious cuddling spot. He does this all the time, and I just happen to think it’s so, so cute! He curls his tiny body back up into mine so that we’re spooning once again, and I just love how sweet he is!

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