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November 2, 2014 | Comments Off

Lulu and Pacey lay on me at naptime!

It’s time for a mini pet update!

Let’s start with the two in the photo, Lulu and Pacey, the two I’m inclined to believe would benefit the most from having a new sibling. Lulu is so happy and hyper and still very much my mini-me. If I leave the room, she follows. If I leave the room when it’s meal time, she won’t eat until I get back. We are very much thick as thieves! The other day when I was looking for a photo of her to be used for/on an upcoming product review, I saw her with Eva in a billion photos. I want to get her another playmate sooner rather than later.

Speaking of that, let’s talk about Pacey! He’s doing better now. He’s back to taking his kidney pills on his own, and he’s chirping around the house a lot. He’s again stopped playing with his favorite toy, though. I think he could really benefit from having new energy in the house due to the depression he’s dealing with over Eva and Spenser’s deaths. He’s still an amazing cuddler at bedtime. He didn’t come up one night, so I went to get him; the next night he was waiting up here way before bedtime! Even though he’s always been antisocial and a loner, it’s fairly easy to spot changes in his mood. I’m thankful for that.

Basia just loooved her Halloween costume and being told how pretty & beautiful she looked in it! The old lady seriously strutted her stuff in it! She enjoyed being adored on costume day! The whole thing, including her in that dress, was pretty adorable. In general, she really does love being told she’s gorgeous!

That leaves Sam! Mark was surprised that Sam comes when he’s called. I’m surprised Mark has never known that before now. Then again, I’ve always been more aware of what’s going on with the pets than Mark. Also, Sam apparently learned a lot from Spenser because he can sniff out treats that are semi-hidden. For example, if I have them tucked under my pillow waiting for Pacey because Pacey didn’t come up right away at treat time (which is a new, irritating thing), Sam puts his little nose in the air and sniffs all around. He will jump on the bed and even jump up on the taller dresser to look up there for them as he knows they are out there somewhere. He’s even turning into Eva in a sense because he’s now sort of our go-to guy for product reviews. When she was alive, I used to yell “Showtime!” and she would come running, ready to explore whatever item we got for my pictures and videos, and he’s being doing an excellent job in that department lately.

And, last night we had some crazy wind happening at bedtime. I sleep with Pacey, Lulu, and Sam. Every single time they heard an unfamiliar rustling sound outside, they’d lift their little heads and snuggle in closer to me. It was just fabulous!

Lastly, as I alluded to above, we filled out a pet application for a partial Maine Coon kitten at a shelter, so we will see what comes of that. We are the second application for her. If it doesn’t work out, we will keep looking, but we know that it is definitely time to get that new energy in here for the sake of Lulu and Pacey. I mean, I would like to wait until we move in the next 1.5-2 years (fingers crossed that happens), but I really don’t think they can or should have to wait. And I want to do this for them more than I want to keep to my own silly timeline, obviously.

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