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Pacey soaks up some sunshine!

The other day I made a post in which I sort of made light of the fact that Pacey was being cranky, but there was actually a lot more to it. I didn’t want to really get into it until I had it handled and he was feeling better.

Ever since Spenser died, Pacey hadn’t been acting quite like himself. He’d been moody in a way that’d been hard to describe – and then the last two weeks things got even worse. Now, this may actually be my fault since the past two weeks I had been crying all over again over Eva, just as if she had just died. He very well could have been tapping into my sadness; my daily sobs certainly weren’t quiet. He started flicking his tail all the time, he refused to eat his kidney medicine which he had been inhaling in his food just fine for like eight months or close to it (so we’d been pilling him), and he stopped playing with his favorite toy, the toy he always moves around the house nightly without fail.

I tried talking to him. Mark even noticed and asked him what we were doing wrong and what we needed to do better. When we took Lulu to her appointment last week at the super special vet, we had them give Pacey an ultrasound, one he passed with flying colors! It was a relief to hear he wasn’t sick in any way, but something was still definitely up. So I contacted my pet psychic/communicator, and she read him a few days later.

This is what she told me:

Pacey wants you to know that he is cranky about life and death and loss. He just feels it is unfair to lose part of the family. I’m certain that he is feeling your feelings along with his own.

His not eating his kidney medicine is him expressing ‘What’s the point?’ … the catchphrase of depression.

He used to notice the scent of his kidney medicine, but he could easily override it with the taste and smell of his ‘good food’. When Spenser passed, Pacey fell out of balance emotionally. It was a ‘last straw’ for him regarding loss. Once his energy balance changed, he was unable to ‘taste the good over the bad’. It is very symbolic.

He is grieving the loss of the family as it once was.

Also, Pacey feels incomplete and odd without the presence of a dog in the home. He feels ‘It just doesn’t feel right.’

I ask him what does he need, and he replies that he needs time. He wants things to go back to normal, and he understands that is not going to happen. ‘I know I must accept change.’

I see Spenser superimposed over Pacey. Pacey’s been holding on. Even as I read your email about Pacey, I saw ‘Spenser’ written over the word ‘Pacey.’ This is not ideal for either of their souls, and I encourage Spenser to move further towards the light. Not only will this create space for Pacey to shift, but it will further heal Spenser’s soul.

Spenser is at peace, but there has been a veil of his energy over Pacey that felt burdensome. This occurred due to Pacey’s feelings – about family, Spenser, loss, and also not wanting to be without dog energy. I encourage Pacey to release any energy that is not his own so that he can feel lighter. He understands this, and responds instantly. He says that he has become prone to picking up on the energy of others due to his feelings of loss. I show him that he can feel whole again by releasing all that is not his true energy. He feels tired and sleepy when I tell him this, and I encourage him to ’sleep it off’.

Spenser and Kip now appear together, to show us that Spenser has shifted his energy away from Pacey and towards Kip. This is much more ideal and simply more true. Kip has taken a place up about Pacey and is working on Pacey as he sleeps. Kip appears up high and all in white light, and this is totally different from how I was seeing Spenser around Pacey. Kip is operating from the spirit realm, which is right and true. Pacey was holding a part of Spenser in the physical realm, which was not good for any of them. Spenser becoming lighter has brought Kip in closer to you and your furbabies, in a new way. The soul continues to journey long after it enters the realm of the spirits, and this has brought Kip into more light.

Instantly after this reading, things changed – and I am obviously beyond grateful and thrilled! Pacey has been eating his kidney medicine regularly! He’s been chirping around the house more, and with that comes moving his favorite toy! I’ve found it twice now on the landing leading to the third floor! And the tail flicking is becoming less and less! I talked to him about loss and sadness and said that we will work on this together. I also told him that it was okay to be sad but that we shouldn’t let grief take over our lives – and that they wouldn’t want that for us. It needed to be said aloud for both of us. And after I said it, he stretched out his whole little body lengthwise and relaxed. It was a very nice moment between us.

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