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October 19, 2014 | Comments Off

Lulu loves this so so so so so so so so so so so so much!

So we had been looking through the checklist of all the things that needed done before Lulu’s stay for the radioactive iodine would be approved, and we were at the final one – her T4 blood draw. The vet tech came last Monday to do that. They pulled it from her front paw, and it went super smoothly this time!

Okay, so the night before Lulu was to go for her three day stay, I had my pet psychic/communicator talk to her for the second time to help prepare her, and she really just wanted to know if she would have privacy to potty, which I thought was adorable. Then I got an email from my mobile vet that said her thyroid results were great, and she wished me good luck the next day. I took that to mean that the T4 was where it was needed to be for the procedure to take place successfully.

On the ride up, I had my cell phone ringer turned off, so I didn’t hear that the doctor at the other place we were going to had called me. She was basically going to tell us that we didn’t even need to come in, but we were already halfway there in our drive up. So we had our appointment with her which, though sort of unnecessary, was still a good thing in the end, if that makes sense. The doctor examined Lulu and met us. Lulu doesn’t have the goiter in her neck, she doesn’t have diarrhea, and she doesn’t vomit a lot (she used to be a really big puker). I think her begging for food has diminished, but she still gets hyper and excited which is what initially led us to think that we should get her a little sister. Those are basically the five big thyroid symptoms right there. So she has 1 out of 5 basically. Also, I need to keep an eye out for what her pupil size is doing, which I hadn’t been aware I needed to do. Thus, the doctor said the T4 results from Monday indicated that Lulu’s thyroid is no longer an issue right now. In fact, apparently everything was really good when she was on the medication a few weeks back too. After my appointment had just ended, my mobile vet called while I was still there, basically trying to tell me to not make the drive all the way up there. Ha! I was glad we went anyway because it was highly informative and there’s something about feeling more secure about your furbabies and their health when things are face-to-face.

So did my little Lulu cure herself like she did with her heart murmur? Is she my miracle kitty? I’m leaning towards a very big YES! At least I sure hope so! She’s getting her blood retested in five weeks with the results being sent to both doctors, of course – and hopefully she will still be fine, her thyroid will still be stable, and she still won’t need the radioactive iodine treatment! I definitely don’t want to be away from her for three days, and it looks like she doesn’t want to be away from me for three days either! Besides, we visited (through the window) what would have been her accommodations, and they weren’t as nice as I was led to believe they would be. I just was not impressed. Though I knew she wasn’t getting a suite with spa services and a butler, though that’s what she fully deserves, this was just pitiful. I hope she doesn’t have to stay there! So please keep your fingers crossed that her next blood test results turn out just as great!

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