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October 13, 2014 | Comments Off

Photogenic Pacey Man

I’ve mentioned before that Pacey and I cuddle together every night at bedtime. Sometimes after I stop petting him and after I wish him his “sweet dreams” and tell him “night night,” he will leave to play with a toy, potty, or get a drink of water really quickly. When he comes back, he always climbs on me to get back into his cuddle spot. He never goes around me or over me, and I never mind because he’s usually pretty gentle and quiet. Sometimes he will announce himself, but that’s rare. But two nights ago when he came back to bed, he freaking stomped all over me! It was both sooo shocking and sooo funny! He must have been in a mood! And last night I had to use the bathroom and actually decided to go. See, I usually just don’t get up because I don’t want to disturb the furbabies who are nestled in around me. As soon as I started to move, he really voiced his issue with that. What a little crank!

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