dirty ears

October 2, 2014 | Comments Off

Sunny Pacey

I always think it’s so adorable whenever Pacey stretches out one of his front paws like that. It’s like he’s at the height of relaxation or something. My poor man, though, has dirty ears now – like filthy ears that need cleaned at least once a week. The pads we use end up being covered in such crud too that it’s unbelievable! When he was a kitten at one of his first kitten exams, we were told that he was going to have bad teeth. Thankfully that never ended up happening and/or it corrected itself naturally, and this problem is definitely better than what that would have ended up being like for sure. And earlier today he was being cute with his brother. I kept hearing a thud, thud, thud noise coming from the floor below, but there wasn’t any arguing. A few minutes later the same thing was happening, so I went to go see what the boys were doing because I knew they were the ones involved. They were in the cat tower: Sam was in the top part and Pacey was in the hooded portion, and they were just beating on each other. Haha! I couldn’t believe it went on for so long without one of them getting annoyed!

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