kitty pincushion

September 23, 2014 | Comments Off

Lulu crosses her paws

My poor little Lulu was turned into a kitty pincushion by that vet who checked out Pacey’s sneezing issues. She’s the one who came back to get Lulu’s blood, but she just couldn’t get any blood out of my girl. She first tried the back legs in several spots, then tried her neck in several spots, and then finally tried one of her front legs which is where she hit the jackpot. It makes me very uncomfortable whenever any of them use the neck, and I am from now on going to ask that to be a “last resort” kind of thing. Besides, who would even think of dealing with the neck when the front leg hadn’t even been tried yet? I mean, really. Anyway, I was going to let Mark handle the whole blood draw thing because I got Lulu’s urine sample at 4:00am, and I was super grungy from not showering after a few days due to my back pain and I didn’t want to be seen all gross like that. Well, after what is normally a two second thing ended up taking more than ten minutes, I went down there. I saw Mark pacing with a worried look on his face because the process wasn’t going well. But Lulu, despite some verbal complaining, was a champ! I know that if Eva were still with us that she would have drawn their blood and Basia would not stand for any of that at all either. I mean, it was just ridiculous. So Lulu was definitely rewarded with lots of treats afterwards several times during the day! Mark later asked me if she had any water to drink. I was thinking the vet was worried about her water intake or something. When I asked him why, he said he wanted to know if it was shooting out of all the holes they had poked into her. Um, not funny. Anyway, we got her test results back, and she took to her two weeks on the thyroid medicine well. Now the place she will go to for her radiation stuff is reviewing her records, and they will get back to us about setting up a time for her appointment. I’m trying not to get too nervous about it. Looking at her adorably crossed paws in this photo helps some!

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