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September 17, 2014 | Comments Off

Mark and I had a great night the other night. He found packets upon packets of actual photographs from years ago that had been stashed in the garage, and we spent the night in bed looking through them. The puppy pictures of Spenser are amazing! I can’t believe how teeny Kip used to be! There are even a few baby photos of Pacey too. And I’m so grateful that we found even more pictures of Becca, though some were before we fattened her up. I absolutely cannot wait until Mark scans them so I can get them on Flickr and post them here. Wow, wow, wow!

Last month my PMS was crazy, and I was trying to push Mark into going back into debt so we could move now, now, now. He, for the most part, takes great care of me and the furbabies, and I know it’s not easy or fun. And he has goals for us so I need to fight against my natural bitch instincts and stop giving him such a hard time about why we aren’t doing what I want when I want. Because I think after my bout of PMS, he went crazy on me too. He went back to yelling at me, to being disappointed in my health, to hating his life, and so on. And he went back to saying that he’d trade places with me and would prefer to be in pain than to have to do things around here which I find to be so demeaning, rude, hateful, and hurtful. I’ve talked to him about the fact that we’ve gone downhill in our communication skills which causes my pain to hit the roof, so I’m hopeful that things will improve again. Ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and so on.

Also, I think I mentioned that I was interested in getting a Maine Coon kitten in my last “a day in the life” post. Well, I’m putting the Maine Coon seeking aside for now. Lulu has her thyroid stuff that we need to deal with first, and four cats is a nice, manageable number. And now that I’ve calmed down and found my head again, I know that I’d never go to a breeder because I support shelters. This means that I’ll more than likely end up getting one that’s only 1/2 Maine Coon, and that’s okay.

So my pain management doctor decided that she isn’t going to try to put me on any other long-acting opiates since none have worked for me. We are now going to try other things, and currently we have increased my Topirimate. She had said that I didn’t need to go in for an appointment while she was on vacation if nothing had changed and that she’d just write me my scrips, but things weren’t going that way at first. She had no intention of calling me back after my first two calls to the office and had only made notations in my chart. I’m glad I called a third time because that promoted the return call. Then and only then were my scrips written and I didn’t need to see someone new in her absence. Actually, my scrips were written incorrectly. I got my good stuff, but after telling me she wasn’t going to be giving me any more opiates and more Topirimate, she wrote a scrip for opiates and forgot the Topirimate. Luckily I have enough of the second to get me through until I see her again next week.

Mark went back home to visit his family, to see a baseball game with his dad, and to attend a fantasy draft with his old friends instead of doing it online as usual. My cleaner was on-call to come over in case I needed her to help me out in his absence. I actually was going to use her once, but her older kid had to go to the gym and that meant that she was going to have to bring her younger three with her. That would have just stressed me and the pets out and really not helped, so I passed and struggled through. The air conditioning needed repaired during Mark’s absence which pissed me off too. The repair guy came at 8am and the unit was frozen, so he had to come back and was here for freaking hours and hours! He did do a lot of stuff and was pleasant enough. He talked about cats and said he came back the same day because I was in pain and he didn’t want me to be hot too which was very nice of him. It just took forever, and I was so, so happy to see my bed and heating pad afterwards!

The vet has been here twice. I think I’ve mentioned the first time. That was when Lulu was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and she’s currently taking her medication twice a day until it’s time for her retest. She has been the easiest of any of our cats to pill! And Pacey and Basia both got very good news in regards to their kidney disease! They are doing very, very well, and everything is looking good! The acupuncture and Chinese herbs are helping! They have their next acupuncture appointment in four months, and that’s when they will get tested again. Then after that, Pacey started sneezing like once or twice a day, which was new for him. One day he even had a sneezing fit that woke him out of a sleep. I asked the vet to come check him out, and apparently a lot of people and pets are suffering from allergies right now. We gave him Benadryl for a few days, and now the sneezing is all gone! Yay! I’m just glad it wasn’t anything more serious like my google searching indicated it could be.

And years ago I was in love with the show Relativity, and I’ve been waiting forever for it to come out on DVD. Well, I finally found the entire series on YouTube, and the quality is fantastic. So that’s what I’ve been doing lately, kissing my kitties and watching those seventeen episodes again.

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