Eva’s second passed pet reading

September 15, 2014 | Comments Off

Eva’s death was so sudden and tragic, and I still struggle with her being gone quite often. She was so vibrant, full of life, and crazy that it was like there were two of her here. I wanted to check in on her to see how her spirit was doing now that it’s a few months later because of what happened and because I still miss her so terribly. I wanted to see how she’s doing, see what she’s been up to, and find out if she’s visiting us in the ways that I think she is. And I wanted her to be told that we miss her, that we watch videos of her all the time, and that she’ll always be our BB (one of her nicknames). To find out how at peace she is did wonders for my heart.

Given all that, this was her reading:

Eva appears as a golden, floating spirit. She looks like a golden beam, but she’s floating and moving like a feather. It’s very beautiful, and the feeling is vibrant and brilliant, strong and warm, and at the same time very peaceful and as floaty and free as vapour. She wraps around you sometimes, she says.

She’s especially close with Spenser at this time. I didn’t see this closeness via Spenser, but Eva is feeling it.

She enjoys when you watch videos of her. She likes how it warms your heart and it makes her happy. She says she watches them with you.

Her signs – Trust what you feel or see, because she’s not limiting herself to one sign. Things that suggest floating, flying and feathers are from her. I also feel a recurring technology ‘hiccup’. Something like your computer keeps closing pages on you. Spirits try as many things as they can until they get through to us! Please trust the signs that you’ve been getting and don’t limit Eva’s possibilities to make herself known.

She’s quite different to Spenser right now in that she’s vibrant and interested in interacting with the physical realm. She likes when you talk about her and she likes to try to touch you, so next time you’re brushing a hair off your face or waving an invisible bug off your arm, it’s her tickle. I think she’s also walking on your bed, which is a very popular ‘move’ with the passed pets. They love to get us when we’re dreamy and not mentally alert!

Eva is radiating a joyful, chirpy vibration and she’s kept her golden hue.

She’s reached peace around her passing. She hasn’t forgotten her life but she’s sort of forgotten what happened at the end. It reads as a blurry bit, and then into the light. She appears to have liberated herself from the details, discomfort, and death, and remembers a good life…and then being in glorious light. This is a very positive thing for the wellness and peace of her soul.

She’s showing me a bee now, and it’s not buzzing, rather it is humming a very sweet sound. I feel she’ll remain close to Spenser for as long as it is for the highest good of all the souls involved. Eva says ‘We all love you just the same. One by one we say your name as a way to send you our love.’

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