suddenly stopped eating

July 26, 2014 | Comments Off

Spenser getting emergency fluids

I had just posted about Spenser playing nightly with his interactive treat toys when he suddenly stopped eating. The last time he ate was Wednesday morning. And he hasn’t eaten since.

This is his third time since May that he’s had tummy troubles, and it’s his second roughest bout. We’ve tried everything imaginable to get him to eat and have tried to entice him with not only his favorites but also all the things the vets recommend during these times.

We took him to our mobile vet’s office yesterday, and we saw a different vet this time. This one is convinced that it is acid in his tummy that is causing all this drama. So he gave him a shot of Pepcid and gave him fluids. They also did his anal glands to get that out of the way. Mark and I thought he seemed to have a little pep in his step afterwards, but he’s still not eating a thing.

We’re giving him Pepcid twice a day throughout this weekend as directed. When he didn’t eat this morning, I called the vet again, and they suggested forcing baby food into him. So that’s what we’ve been doing every couple of hours. Unfortunately, it hasn’t sparked any interest in him to eat on his own. And adding to that, he’s thrown up water right after drinking it every now and again which can cause dehydration, so that’s something we are also worried to death about. He’s restless and not happy, obviously. If after having food in his belly for a day doesn’t get him to eat on his own by tomorrow, we are heading off to the emergency vet to get X-rays, bloodwork, and so on. He’s 16.5 years-old, so one of these times he’s not going to bounce back. We are very scared and worried for him, of course. It’s like we are staring at him while sitting on pins and needles. One night he was just fine and the next morning he eats his breakfast and then some grass, vomits the grass, and hasn’t been the same since. My poor old man. Please send him some good wishes.

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