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July 20, 2014 | Comments Off

Basia spends a rare moment upstairs

I’m telling you that I’m so glad Basia and I are much closer now! She runs up to me when she sees me, and I get so happy when I hear her little squeaks! Her favorite toy is one that’s shaped like a banana and stuffed with catnip. I put it by her favorite bed, and she’s always rubbing her little head against it. It’s sooo cute! So today she came upstairs to potty since Mark accidentally blocked off an entrance to one of her other boxes, and she actually hung out up here for a moment! She said hi to me twice, went under the master room bed, investigated the toy pile, and thought about going into the guest room but went downstairs instead. This was a huge deal because she never comes up here all that often! Not long after, I was watching the Big Brother live feeds when I heard her chirping above them. I went downstairs to the second floor to see what was going on, and she ran right over to me and squeaked. Of course I just had to get out some treats for her and rub the banana on her tiny head. She was so hyper and cute today which I obviously loved because it allowed us to bond and make up for lost time when she didn’t like me very much.

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