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Sam rests and observes

Sam will probably always be vigilant due to spending his early years outside, but this past week he has impressed me with his cuddling skills! One day he came up here at morning nap time when Lulu wasn’t around and took the spot next to me. He rolled around right into me and snuggled up against me! It reminded me of the time months ago when he shared a pillow with me which is something I wish he’d do again! And at night Pacey always cuddles with me on one side of the bed and now Sam has been getting on the bed again more often. When he goes on the other side of me, I like to joke that I’m in the middle of a kitty sandwich. I like when he stretches out and kicks me in his sleep. I really do. It’s important for this cat to relax and be calm, so I love to see it and feel it when it happens.

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