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Pacey Man loves his belly rubs!

Pacey adores his belly rubs! He’s our only cat who will fully show his belly and enjoy a little rub! He even lets Mark rub him, and he doesn’t trust Mark for anything at all. The girls don’t really care for it. Basia, in particular, is very sensitive about where she is touched. She can be having a good time, and then she’ll smack us out of the blue. I don’t think I’ve ever really gotten near Lulu’s belly for very long, and she and I are as thick as thieves. If we try to get near Sam’s, we might get in a pet or two, but then out come his giant panther paws and his teeth that he’s not afraid to sink into us. Eva was also a biter, but it was all in good fun with her. We always said she had a short trigger, but it wasn’t ever anything malicious. And she had the best pumpkin belly with those short, stubby legs, so who could resist touching that? Not us! And Kip looooved to sun his belly. We caught him sunning that big belly of his countless times. We could pet it a bit, but then he’d roll over just a little so as to only let us have partial access to that greatness. His belly also would swing from side to side when he ran. Yeah, I am a bit obsessed with their bellies!

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