house greeter

June 25, 2014 | Comments Off

house greeter Basia

When we came home yesterday, Basia was on the living room couch which is a strange spot for her, so it was really cute to see her sitting there. In the photo you can see her looking off the side at me because I was trying to keep her interest long enough before she ran off while Mark got his camera out. I was already hurting from being out for a couple of hours and there I was in the grass, waving my arms around and trying to dance for my cat. And today she and I had a long bonding session on the living room chair after their snack. She actually laid down on me so I could repeatedly tell her how pretty she was while I was petting her. We missed a few days of the sitting together because Mark has been home and has been doing their afternoon feeding, so maybe she missed me some? All I know is that after spending many years basically being ignored by her that I am loving our new relationship, and I truly believe that I have her recent acupuncture sessions to thank for that. She’s just sweeter and more playful overall!

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