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June 23, 2014 | Comments Off

Mark umpiring
Mark umpiring

Yesterday Mark umpired two games in a pretty impressive tournament near my hometown, so he was very happy about that because he hasn’t been umpiring as much as he’s wanted to. His back has been better for like the past month so he’s been itching to do things, but he just hasn’t been contacted much to go. My dad stayed for one game which was nice because he’s always on the move. My mom showed up as well, I’m assuming after coming from seeing my grandmom at the nursing home, but once she saw how far it was to walk from the parking lot to the field, determined that it was too far to do with her own back issues. My brother actually stayed for both games and sent me a bunch of pictures. In true fashion, he had to be a funny-ish jackass and take the photographer thing that I asked him to be to the extreme and ended up taking photos of every move Mark made. I only wanted a few shots of him umpiring, not of him sitting there taking a sip of his Gatorade on a break. Ha! At one point someone followed Mark to his Xterra and said he had a question for him about a call he made, but he didn’t end up asking anything. He only wanted to complain, and my brother ended up pointing out to the guy that he never even asked Mark anything. That’s my brother! As for me, I stayed home to supervise the dog’s paw issue, not that I would have gone anyway. The drive, two games, my back, there would just have been no way. And besides, I find baseball so incredibly boring. I should probably do “a day in the life” post” this week, but it’s hard when nothing is going on or has been going on. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow after my two appointments (pain management doctor, manicure). Right now I need to do a product review. Thankfully I have Mark’s help because my back pain is freaking horrible. I thought it was bad the other morning, but this certainly tops that. It’s all annoying and disheartening at this point.

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