old man leg whiskers

June 22, 2014 | Comments Off

old man leg whiskers

Pacey is very sensitive about his old man leg whiskers. In fact, it’s taken me forever to be able to snap a photo of them, but I finally got a good one! He has them in the same spot on his other front leg too which just cracks me up. Of course, it’s a sign that he’s getting older which makes me very sad, but I tell him that it makes him look so, so distinguished which he does like to hear. The other morning he was so incredibly grumpy and cranky which was new for him. Hunger doesn’t usually affect him like that, but wow! He meows the loudest, and he definitely was using that to his advantage. He also jumped on his sister Lulu who was on me at the time. A few minutes after that he tried to pick a fight with Sam on the stairs outside the bedroom. He was doing anything it took to get either me or Mark up for their morning feeding. Haha!

On a sadder old man note, yesterday afternoon Spenser woke up with another pinched nerve incident. Ugh. I hate them. That’s where he limps around and walks funny and we panic about what to do before we remember that the vet says to give him the pain meds we have here. Keeping him on them regularly should keep these issues at bay, but they don’t always. It was his front right paw this time which really sucks because he already drags one of his back legs a little bit. It seems to be improving slowly but surely, but I really wish he didn’t have to go through these things. He’s wagging, drinking, and eating fine, but still.

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