jump for my love

June 17, 2014 | Comments Off

Yesterday Basia made and landed one of the longest and most graceful jumps that I’ve ever seen – all to sit by me! It was epic and beautiful, and I can still see it in my head! If there were judges here, their scorecards would all have read 10 once they were held up. It was truly a thing of beauty!

I tried to recreate it today, but she was already following me into the living room for a little love before Sam and Pacey (who she was staring off to the left at) came on the scene. She never stays long when they’re around, and I don’t blame her. They’ve never been nice to her, though I try to talk to them about respecting their elders.

Later on I tried to get her to come back, but Sam and Lulu were both too jealous to allow that to happen. I don’t think she was coming anyway.

But I did have fun watching her old lady self play! In this video she starts out playing and picks back up playing at about the 2:40 mark:

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