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May 29, 2014 | Comments Off

I was just telling my cleaner last week how well Spenser has been doing lately, and now I feel like I jinxed my beagle. He’s two months shy of being 16.5 years-old, and he has a ton of issues that are being managed pretty well. But last Saturday things changed, and I’ve been a nervous mess ever since. Seriously, my birthday was Monday, and I had forgotten all about it. When Mark kissed me goodnight and wished me a Happy Birthday at bed, I laughed because it had skipped my mind!

So Saturday morning he was fine. He begged for breakfast. He barked. All was great. By mid-morning, he was pacing around. By dinner, he wasn’t eating or drinking. So if he’s not doing that, he’s not getting his meds, and we debated about whether or not we should take him to the emergency vet. Sunday he drank some. Or maybe he ate first. I don’t remember the order now. But by bedtime he was having issues drinking again and his stomach looked like it was bothering him. The black diarrhea started, which is not a good thing. Monday, my birthday, he still had diarrhea, ate only gourmet shepherd’s pie, and was drinking so-so. Tuesday the diarrhea passed, thankfully, and we took him to our mobile vet’s office so they could X-Ray his tummy. Though he was doing better, he was still fussy. His X-rays came back fine. He also got a chiropractic adjustment and his anal glands emptied, of course. We were told he had colitis and that the Rimadyl he’s on probably gave him the stomach issues. Ugh! So he’s on new meds to make him feel better from the meds that were originally trying to make him feel better.

Now the past two days he’s been circling and pacing a lot. He’s been coughing and breathing heavy when he’s up. I worry that he’s not comfortable. His barks and tail wags have been very few and far between since this whole mess started, and I am worried constantly for him. He’s still being fussy with what he’s eating. The only thing he used to turn down were pretzels! So, yes, I’m scared because he’s not getting all his meds as often as he should right now. I’m not sleeping well because I can’t when I hear his feet on the hardwoods and I know he’s not resting well. Right now he’s back asleep, thankfully. The mobile vet comes tomorrow anyway, so I’m hoping she has some ideas, though she did something super stupid the other day. We told her in advance when she asked us how he is with pill pockets that he sniffs pills out and won’t take them. She comes out with one. He spits the pill out, of course. Like, umm, you didn’t believe us? Then she tried to throw the pill and pill pocket down his throat. Well, that didn’t go over well, and he spit it all out. So when she tried to pill him next, which is what we asked her to do in the first place, he was all wound up and ended up spitting half of it out of his mouth five minutes later. Exactly.

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