new pet memory boxes

May 26, 2014 | Comments Off

pet memorial boxes
pet memorial boxes

It took us forever to find a memory box for Eva that we both could agree on. See, while I just looooved the one I got for Kip via a product review, I couldn’t get the same one for Eva because of its size. When we left the emergency vet without our girl and only an empty cat carrier, they had given us her pawprints in a leather case. That case alone would take up most of the space in the size of Kip’s memory box. We needed more room for the cards she got, her ashes, her favorite toys, and mementos. Finally, we found one that was the perfect size, and they were more than happy to remove the extra designs and to leave the word areas blank that I didn’t want used. And when it arrived, it was beautiful. The wood is gorgeous, too. It looks just as I wanted it to, so much so that I ordered one for Becca! I couldn’t use Kip’s size box for her either because we, sadly, don’t have any high quality pictures that could be used to take up the cover of the box like that. Her time was before the time of digital cameras. Mark says there’s a box of photos of her around here somewhere, but it’s been years since we’ve seen them. That being said, I’m happy with how her box looks too. We still have to go through her big box of things that we stored away after she died so that we can have something a bit more manageable and attractive for her memory. She was our first pet that died, so we boxed up basically anything that she ever looked at. We were supposed to do that this weekend, but Spenser is quite sick, though, the details of which I’m saving for another post. We will get back to her boxes soon, hopefully. Thus, it looks like we now have two great pet memory boxes to choose from, unless I end up changing Kip’s box to this, as I tend to like to keep everything as equal among all of them as I possibly can.

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