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I sent the pet psychic/communicator a list of questions for her to ask Eva when she felt as if Eva’s spirit was ready to talk. She read her on April 5th. I’ll put my thoughts at the very end.

if she will ever be able to forgive me
‘My life force was running out. That is not your fault or something you could change.’
Eva reveals that she never expected to live for as long as she did. When she found you, her wish was to feel safe and loved and to find a family with other pets. ‘That is all I wanted to have. I didn’t think of having it for so long. Living the life was a bonus. I had only intended to find it, then die knowing I had a home and was comfortable. So my life was more than enough. Don’t feel bad for me, I was ahead already, and I had so many luxuries and nice stuff. I always had fun in my days. I am glad that I got to be a family kitty.’

what things she’s doing now
Taking a big rest. That’s all I hear, then silence. Kip, however, has stirred and is more active. He is around you. He’s a lot more present, and his intention is to comfort you. ‘I came down from my cloud. I feel like a bird. Wait for my signs and you’ll know I am around.’ Kip’s sign is a bird (includes bird images, birdsong, actual birds.) He’ll harness whichever energy he can to bring you bird sign/s.

if she has any messages for any of her siblings
‘Lulu will look around sometimes and she will see me. I am to show her that I am in the spirit world now, and that I can visit her and even play with her in her mind. Sometimes I’ll be with her when she sleeps. We will play in her dreams. I’ll groom her in her dreams, to comfort her. She will like that.’

if she has any messages for her daddy or for me
‘I am very sorry to have left you in the way that I did. I saw that you were frightened. I knew I was going, I knew it all day. I didn’t want to tell you, I just wanted it to be as fast as it could be.’
For Rosalie – ‘I didn’t want to tell you, but you knew. It was like my secret I tried to hide from you. There was nothing you could have done to make me stay, so I just wanted to make life nice and let it be. That was the kindest way to tell you. If you were me and I was you, you would have chosen to do the same as I did. Tried to hide it but showed it anyways, but could not really show you, because you would have felt worse if you knew for certain I was on my journey to die. I chose to keep my secret to make the most of the time I had left. I also was not scared to die. I saw hope, I saw light, I knew it would be okay and safe. I did not like the final part as I grew really sick, but that was only a very short time out of my beautiful life.’

how she is
‘I remember this place. It feels just like a quiet bed of all the things I like. I feel safe and somehow happy, even though I didn’t want to die, I am quite happy now. I just feel good. It’s alright to be on the other side. Especially when you transition knowing that you are loved. I am glad in my heart, I know you love me. I love you same. I love that you thought I was beautiful and told me so. That always felt good. I don’t want to change how my soul feels; I feel good about who I became in your love.’

if she knew she was sick
‘Yes. You can’t have something like that and not know. I knew all the way. Some days I felt okay actually, but I knew I was getting sick inside. I knew it couldn’t be stopped. Sometimes you just have to be strong and know what you know.’

what she liked to do when she was here with us and her siblings
‘I always liked it when you and my daddy were awake in the house. I liked that there was a group to be with. Just hearing my family around me, that was a very comforting thing. I wished to be part of someone’s household, with lots of interesting individuals. I was glad to have found it. I am glad that you named me such a nice name. I loved to hear my name. I also liked tickles on my neck, throat, back. Lulu and I liked the same kind of spaces. We understood each other. I like the boy cats, and how they don’t always understand each other. I could learn from sensing their interactions. I’m returning as a cat in my next life, and I would have it just the same again.’ I often listen to soft piano music on an internet station. I have had it on while connecting with Eva. I usually don’t ‘listen’ to the music. Suddenly I noticed it playing ‘Wonderful World’. It’s Eva, this song will be a sign from her, or a way to remember her. She is so grateful for her life, and she makes it clear that it was longer and better than she ever hoped she could have. She is very sweet. She says ‘I wish I could sing’. I remind her as spirit, she can experience and ‘do’ things that she could not do in life, and I encourage her to sing if she would like to sing. She says ‘I am going to the music!’ She will send signs via songs/lyrics/songs in your head.

If you [pet communicator] have other questions for her
I feel she is a soul who could choose to return/reincarnate fairly quickly as a cat again. I ask her if her soul would/will/can come back to you in her next life.
‘I would if the time was right for our souls. I’d like to be another ginger cat though. With some white markings.’ (that would be quite rare for female cat but certainly possible)

‘I’d like to be a girl again; my soul feels it will stay in the feminine for many lives. I’m definitely a cat, I love being a family cat!’
I ask her when she would come back. ‘I’d be willing to come back as soon as I have learnt to be in the spirit realm.’
I sense between 1 – 4 years.

Again, please just tell her how sorry I am that I didn’t do more on her last day
She didn’t expect you to fix her or help her. You did not disappoint Eva. You could not have done anything that would have significantly changed her experience, and you could not have changed the outcome. She does not want you to regret.

we are filled with regret and remorse that we just didn’t know or do more when we should have
Eva did not want to be any more separate from her body. It’s an uncomfortable message, but having had similar sentiments from so many animal souls, it seems that being as present as possible in the experience of dying helps some souls to accept the passing and surrender into the next phase. It appears to make the transition out of the body, and the crossing over, more complete, or more whole. The soul and body reach a kind of agreement that it is time. For some, it’s like being sure, really knowing that it is time, and the soul and body agree to go their separate ways. It is a courageous choice, but it is right for some souls. Eva tells ‘The moment I reached peace my unwellness was all forgotten and all I had was love in and around me. I left the memory of the dying pain in my body.’

I will never forgive myself for not taking her to the emergency vet sooner
‘They would have told you to make me die right then, and my soul wasn’t ready.’

May you release your feelings of regret. You were not responsible for Eva’s passing. You could not have changed the outcome. She chose to be silent about her situation, although you sensed something, she was not wanting to talk about something that could not be changed. She chose to do it as she did. Even the final pain, it helped her to surrender and truly know it was time. She is grateful for the life you gave her and she is at peace with her experience of her passing.


Well, every time I read that, I get so emotional, of course. She was such an amazing little girl, and I really do hope she knows how sad I am without her. I saw the time she saw the light. She was looking up towards the ceiling/sky for a good chunk of time. At least I think that’s when it was. It was like the energy in the room changed. Looking back, I guess that’s when she came to terms with the situation. A few nights after getting this email, I saw that one of my Facebook contacts posted a link to a video of ‘Wonderful World’ with animals in it, and it meant everything to me at the time because what were the odds?! And though I don’t get a lot of song lyrics and music popping into my head, I’ve been seeing a lot of flashes of light. I also feel and know Kip is around too, especially like that time I was very upset at like 10:30pm or so at night and I heard bird noises outside my window. I mean, I never hear them that late! Also, whenever a bird makes eye contact with me now, I tend to think it’s my little man doing what he said he would. I know Mark thinks that all this kind of thing is crazy talk and makes me look insane, but I’m obviously a believer and it all brings me comfort. And, as much as I’d love for Eva to come back to us in 1-4 years, whoever gets to adopt her and love her, if it ends up not being us, is going to be so, so, ridiculously lucky.

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