birthday nail art

May 20, 2014 | Comments Off

birthday nail art

Yikes! What ugly feet I have! And thank goodness the toes have polish on them or you’d be seeing even worse. But do you like my balloons in celebration of my birthday next Monday? I had my cleaner do my toes recently when I was too sad to leave the house, and she compared them to some scene in dumb and dumber. After explaining it to me, I totally understood and agreed. For that very reason, I always overtip for what I call hazard pay. This time the woman next to me was getting nail art put on since it was free, and I said I’d do it too. I thought it was sparkles, like firecrackers, as did she. Turns out it was actually half a daisy with white dots coming out of it. Mark and I left there to go see my endocrinologist, and I bumped one of my toes while in the waiting room. I thought for sure they’d be dry after the fan blew on them for the twenty minute drive there, but I was wrong again. So after going there and then stopping at my pain management doctor’s office to get my (generic) Opana, we went back, and I had balloons put on since my birthday is right around the corner. I feel way too old for nail art, but I may get it again for holidays. Ha! Also, today I read an article about how textured nails need to die. For me, I like something extra glitzy on my toes, so I actually followed one of their do not recommend links and bought six bottles of zoya pixied dust nail polish. And now that I’m back home, I’m in so, so much pain, but that’s typical. That many stops was bound to do me in, and it certainly did. For example, Mark brought me up something to drink, and I couldn’t even stretch out my arm to grab the glass. I am that sore, and I am hurting that much. I hope the pills do something soon.

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