furbaby update: Basia

May 11, 2014 | Comments Off

Her new nickname is Squeaks!

Basia is still quite the pretty old lady, and she is still most definitely Daddy’s girl! We’ve added “Squeaks” to her list of nicknames because that’s exactly the cute begging sound she makes that I’m just helpless to. If she squeaks at me, I’m then getting a bag of treats out for her. I also think that she is open to communicating images with me. During the construction, she was meowing a lot. From the other room, I “talked” to her three separate times and said that it would be over soon and things were okay, and she calmed down each time. Another time she had been chased under the bed due to Sam. I sent her an image that if she jumped on the bed that I’d carry her downstairs, and two seconds later she jumped on the bed and we went downstairs together! I’ve also talked to her about letting me know when it’s 2:00pm for their afternoon snack and that I’d hear her meow and come down to feed them all. She did so good with that for weeks. Her meows took the place of the alarm on my phone. Now she’s pushing it for 1-1:30pm, but who can blame her? Ha! As for her health, she has a crazy fast metabolism and is still the tiniest. The last time she got acupuncture for her kidney disease, she got crazy and flipped out at the end. It was one of the only things we had to laugh about after Eva died. She gets her blood drawn soon to see how her new meds and how her last round of acupuncture sessions have been doing with respect to her kidneys. She had good progress with regards to her first round of acupuncture, so I am thinking and hoping that she will get even more good news. She’s definitely perkier, and I think it’s also helped out with her arthritis as well. I feel like she’s feeling better. It’s like she’s acting happier. Last week she was even knocking around some of the new catnip toys we got, and she’s never been all that much of a player!

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