furbaby update: Spenser

May 10, 2014 | Comments Off

Swaddling Spenser

It kills me how cute Spenser looks each time Mark picks him up and carries him around like he’s a little baby! We both agree that he’s getting even cuter as he ages. I just told someone the other day that he’s been one lucky dog in that he’s survived quite a few major health scares and has still lived to bark at us pretty much nightly for the past sixteen years for our dinner. We had an issue two weeks ago when he woke up screaming in the middle of the night, so much so that he even shook himself up. His back leg was giving him trouble, and it looked like he was too freaked out to eat or drink, though he was certainly trying to. We had two spells like this recently, minus the screaming, one so bad that we thought he had a stroke. Basically they boiled it down to it being pinched nerves and increased his pain medications. I made him a vet appointment, but cancelled it once he stopped walking weird (circular) in the yard. He’s been fine ever since, thankfully! Whew! I guess it’s just something else we have to contend with in regards to his health. Aside from that crazy scare, he’s been good. Each night he plays with an interactive puzzle toy, gets carried around like a baby, and gets a massage! He has this cute thing where if Mark is home, he follows him all around the house. The second Mark goes to work or leaves, he has to find where I am. I should be annoyed that I’m his second favorite, even though I do a lot of the behind-the-scenes work for him, but I’m not. I know his daddy is the fun guy around here who takes him for walks and such. I like to think I’m the preferred one to cuddle with, but that’s probably because I’m chunkier and have boobs. Either way, neither of us ever turn down the opportunity to cuddle with our first baby!

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