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This site is now closed. All of the archives will stay online, and I thank you for being a reader.

I might come back at some point, but I don’t predict that it would be at any time before the fall, if at all. Last Friday/Saturday our beloved orange kitty Eva died suddenly when an unknown cancer tumor in her little tummy burst. She was only nine years-old. She was our crazy little girl. I used to always say how I felt like there were two of her in the house because she was just that wild, carefree, and fun. Earlier in the morning she was jumping around and then by 1:00am she was gone. To lose Kip in 2012 and now this? It’s too much. I’m also tired of writing about my pain and the ups & downs in my marriage. I need a break from that sadness too. Luckily for me the companies I had lined up for the next three months for product reviews have all replied with positive comments, letting me off the hook with regards to doing them. It wouldn’t be the same anyway. Did you know that all we had to do was yell, “Showtime!” and Eva would immediately come running over to look at what the product was to see if she needed to play or taste test something for the review. She was the product review queen. She was everything. She was amazing. It’s a sad, sad time here. My only consolation is that she is with Kip and Becca now.

I want to include this video that features a bunch of my kitties – Kip & Eva, of course – because I think it highlights how special they both were. Well, I have many videos of them that do that, but this one just makes us really laugh too:

Hug your furbabies close.

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