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March 24, 2014 | Comments Off

acupuncture day
acupuncture day

Earlier today Basia and Pacey had acupuncture done. I had them see Basia first because she was in a bad mood late yesterday afternoon (story forthcoming) and was cranky in her carrier. It was the right choice indeed because she was not in the best frame of mind for it. Granted, she did get six more needles this time, but she scratched, kicked, and growled at them. I had promised her a snack during the procedure, and I guess she heard me because she was being pleasant and cute as a button waiting on the counter afterwards. Ha! Pacey did really well. It looks like they are going to get two more sessions before we test their kidney numbers to evaluate how they are doing. Basia’s numbers were great the first time we tested her after a few acupuncture appointments. This is technically her second round of acupuncture and Pacey’s first, so I’m obviously more nervous for him and his results!

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