the unwinding starts

March 19, 2014 | Comments Off

Relaxing puppy
Relaxing kitty

Well, the construction is almost over! Granted, it should already be over, but I’m choosing to look at this positively and not focus on the scratch that’s on my new floor or the spot of white that’s peeking through my freshly painted yellow wall. Yesterday was the day it was all supposed to be completed, but the floor guy cancelled because he had to go to a chiropractor for a shoulder injury sustained here. Unfortunately for us, we got the call for that after we had already moved the gates, litter, water bowls, and pets all around! What’s left now is putting the furniture back in its place, covering over some nail holes, putting down one final piece of flooring, and replacing a shelf in the laundry room. The furniture gets moved around tomorrow so my all-day cleaning can still take place on Friday as planned, and those other minor fixes will take about one hour at some point next week once the flooring order comes in. In the above photos, my little Spenser and Eva are relaxing in their surroundings. They both get little massages more evenings now than not. I can’t wait until I don’t have to let anyone inside my house or until I don’t have to answer my phone anymore – then I’ll be able to relax in my surroundings again too – sort of. See, Spenser is back to barking at night. I think it’s been like four nights in a row now, so there’s definitely no quiet time in the evenings. Ugh. Those woodland creatures, if they are a thing, should be vacating soon, but senility is also a likely factor too. He has about three of those signs but already has been on one type of medication for that for years but just for another reason. I’m looking into increasing it now. Anything for that cute little beagle face!

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