mayhem, part quatro

March 15, 2014 | Comments Off

my right-hand girl

After the cats had to spend two whole days in the master bedroom with me, Lulu was the only kitty who did not run off once the doors were opened this morning. She was hanging out right on top of me and stayed put. Awww, right? And it didn’t take long for them all to come back in to see what I was doing. Double awww, right? Keep on reading because I definitely needed those awwws! First off, my back pain is crazy, though I suppose that’s not surprising. Anyway, whether you believe in animal communication or not, I feel that Pacey and I have a good thing going with it. He sends me images or phrases and such, and we talk about stuff. Two nights ago we were talking about the construction, and he got mad at me. He was cuddling with me like he most usually does at night. Then I saw the phrase “LYING” flash in my head just as he moved away from me! As soon as I told him that I was not lying, he came back to me for more cuddles. He’s an independent boy and likes his space, so days upon days of this finally got under his little skin. And I suppose he stopped believing what I was telling him about how many days were left regarding all this construction work. What the project manager was telling me kept changing, so I can see how he was getting frustrated as the week progressed. Speaking of, I’m now told that everything should be done by the end of Tuesday now, not Wednesday, so that’s great, if it all holds true. Last night I hardly got any sleep because both Pacey and Sam took turns freaking out. Two whole days and two whole nights were two too many, and they were chattering, meowing, walking across me, trying to turn the doorknobs, generally restless, and so on. And because Mark can’t handle anything, this is affecting him as well. This morning he screamed at me like I’ve never been screamed at before. It wasn’t that he was saying overly hurtful things, though some sure were mean, but it was just how “in my face” he was. And it was all because the contractors left out a used paint tray with a used roller and three open buckets of that mixed concrete stuff that they had used to spread all over the floor to prep for the flooring. I wanted it all covered or moved so that none of the pets would get into it, stick their faces into it, or anything like that. It’s not like that stuff is pet friendly. He said they wouldn’t get into it, which, to me, is like famous last words. That’s just like asking for trouble. I tried to move them, and that infuriated him. So I said I’d look for a tarp instead, and that pissed him off worse. I left, knowing that even though he screamed me up the stairs shouting that he wasn’t going to take care of it that he would, and he did. He later apologized, but sometimes those are just empty, empty words, you know? I know things are difficult right now, but he always seems to find a way to make things be, seem, or feel difficult for himself. Sure, this wasn’t his ideal week because his first chance to join in umpiring (or whatever the term is) didn’t end up happening since the game was cancelled and that really crushed his spirits, but he did get his first bike ride of the year in. That usually helps, though it never lasts long. I say all the time that I don’t know how to help him, and I’m running out of feeling like I even want to. But where is my disabled ass gonna go? Lastly, today the cleaner came on another one of her weekends for us, thankfully. She had to refill the bucket of hot water three times because it was so dusty. Actually, the contractors didn’t kick up as much dust this week as last week; she just cleaned different areas, different things, and such from that previous week of hell. Also, of course, there’s new dirt to contend with as well from the other work they’ve done. I wonder how often she’s going to have to change the water after the construction is all done and she’s wiping down the walls?

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