mayhem, part tres

March 13, 2014 | Comments Off

Basia struts her stuff

This is Basia, our oldest cat, strutting her cute little stuff when I went in the guest room to nap with her. She has her own room to stay in while all the construction work is happening, and I’m pretty sure she prefers it that way. She doesn’t get along with any of her other siblings except for Eva, so I might stick Eva in with her after their dinner tonight as I recently found out that they can’t walk on the cement flooring for 48 hours. See, the flooring guys didn’t show up on Monday as scheduled. We found this out exactly five minutes after we had put all the furbabies in their safe areas for the day. The only thing that happened Monday was that the project manager stopped by at the very end of the day to look at and measure (or whatever he did) the sliding glass door that had gotten broken at the end of the previous work week. On Tuesday, the trim work started, along with all the plumbing work being completed, and the remainder of the rest of the flooring was ripped up too. Wednesday was painting only. I didn’t even come downstairs to check the painter’s work; that’s how little I care about this house. I did find later that he took some liberties and extended the Steelers yellow into the entryway space a half wall, but it looks nice. And today they apparently could only do part of their concrete laying because there was nowhere to put our furniture. But how was this news? Why was this not taken into consideration? I thought it all could go into our entryway and the garage. This guy mentioned that we should have rented a storage unit, and we would have if we had thought to. So this means that when the project manager told me yesterday on the phone that things would be done this Friday with the flooring that he was wrong. That’s now Monday or Tuesday. Next Tuesday for the laundry room is now maybe next Wednesday, but I’m not kept in the loop unless I make calls. So as I mentioned above, this guy today said that the cats need to be upstairs overnight for two nights now while the coating dries as they can only do it in sections due to the furniture. So tomorrow is the rest of the concrete coating and supposedly the replacement of the broken sliding glass door. He wanted to come this Saturday to lay the flooring in the main room (still not the laundry room), but I ended up deciding that I wanted the cleaner here more, obviously. That gets the house cleaner for the pets, and they get to run around the house some! Also, the construction company said that the cleaning and extra cleaning needed will be covered by our insurance, so that’s a positive. And Spenser is still not barking at night! One of the issues the pet psychic told me was that the gnomes and fairies were worried something would be missed. The plumber told me that he had to go higher up two more times to get all of the pipe that was affected (more than he thought), so I’m wondering and hoping that this was what the big deal was referencing and that they can now leave. He still stares off at things so I can tell he still sees them, and I don’t want him feeling uneasy in his own house. Other pet news? Both boy kitties needed Rescue Remedy today. Sigh. It works wonders for Sam. I just gave it to Pacey, so I’m not sure yet how he’s going to respond to it. And I am so behind on television that it’s not even funny. I’ve finally been able to sleep since I missed out on so much of it last week when the construction was at its noisiest. Hulu is telling me that I need to watch Mob Wives, Rake, Chicago P.D., and Nashville, I know there’s also Dallas that needs watched, and I need to watch three episodes of General Hospital. I already did check out Believe and Resurrection, and they were really good.

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