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March 11, 2014 | Comments Off

kitty champ

I know this whole construction thing is hard on my furbabies and all, but every single one of them gave me a run for my money today, except for little Pacey. Well, I mean, every morning for the most part he gives me a hard time about coming up here and then wanting to leave right away, but then he settles right on in. Today I made the mistake of not bringing up their snack in a can to plate it up here, so I carried five pre-plated dishes up here, with my cell phone and an ice cream cone tucked into my bra, and a cup of apple juice for my pain pill in my hand (since the plumber turned off the water). I now realize that I was just asking for trouble with that setup. They all snuck past me or flew past me as I tried to come back into the master bedroom or into the guest bedroom where Basia was. The only two who made it into “scary for mommy” territory were Basia & Eva, who I didn’t catch until they got to the second floor. Sam was especially hyper in the morning, but I think the Rescue Remedy that was recommended to me by my pet psychic helped. I’ll need to give it to him earlier in the day tomorrow for sure before I notice he’s acting off again. Pacey was the only one who easily accepted his fate and snuggled in for an all-day nap next to his crazy mama. Isn’t his photo so cute? And the construction stuff crawled forward. There’s no way Thursday’s end date will be achieved, but I’m now hopeful for Friday. Or maybe it’s just the pain pills that are talking.

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