mayhem, part dos

March 9, 2014 | Comments Off

mayhem, part two

I really hope there’s not a “mayhem, part tres” post because I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it. I did quickly look up pet friendly hotels, but there was a three pet limit (could Mark & I book separate rooms since we have different last names?). My parents said all of us could stay with them, but that would be worse emotionally for me. We could stay in that empty house that they’ve always tried to get me to move into (the one that needs a billion dollars worth of work), but there’s not a stitch of furniture in it. I think the worst of the dust may be over, but I’m not really sure. I won’t know until I talk to the project manager on Monday and then maybe if it’s going to get worse we will just pack up and go. Seriously, nobody told us about all the dust, and I imagine that’s because the first guy thought this was a different type of floor that they were ripping up. But the dust has gone up all three floors. In fact, we have to keep refreshing the water bowls for the pets on the third floor due to dust. The smoke detectors have gone off six times total so far in two days, even with windows open. I’m hoping that we can get our insurance to cover the cost of three extra cleanings that our house will ultimately require when all is said and done. At yesterday’s cleaning, I asked her to focus low for the pets. Even they were/are getting dusty! I felt/feel guilty for us not leaving here, and I worry about what they’re breathing in. Ugh. I’m getting more waterless shampoo to give them a good scrub down when this is over and have been brushing them before that, of course. Speaking of my pets, one of these construction idiots ignored my “do not enter” sign that’s on every door on the third floor. I left my cell phone number down there if I didn’t hear the guys calling for me about where the bathroom was or if they needed me for anything else (and, yes, they are using the hell out of the half bath, someone(s) used it seven times in five minutes Friday morning) – but my pets are on the third floor and nobody should come up here and open doors ever. One guy just walked all the way up here and opened one of the marked doors, and I obviously quickly asked what he was doing. He asked if this was the only bathroom in the house. I quickly set him straight and then told him not to come up here again. Starting tomorrow I plan on leaving a note downstairs and talking to the project manager about it. The guys who were here Thursday spread the word among themselves about where the bathroom was and I didn’t have any issues. And am I wrong in thinking they should go use the gas station’s bathroom down the street anyway? Also, to make our lives even more difficult, a piece of the flooring they were tearing up had sprung up and cracked the glass in our sliding glass door. So now that is broken, hence the photo. It’s like things are getting worse around here, not better. And we are both hurting with back issues, so it’s highly inconvenient for us to bend to leash the beagle, go out in the cold, and blah, blah, blah. Sigh. The things we take for granted! So the flooring people weren’t supposed to be done until Wednesday but now I hear talk of Tuesday with them actually coming out Monday after my pain management doctor’s appointment after all. I was told that this work coming up would be loud and smelly (because of concrete). I just don’t want dusty. But then when does the plumber come? The painter? The trim guy? And we even have confusion regarding the trim! One guy said that all the trim in the man cave would be replaced and someone else said only the parts that got wet needed to be. Funny, because I have a photo of one of the pieces that they are “confused” about right in water.

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