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I contacted Natural Dog Company to see if Spenser could review their Natural Dog Snout Soother. Spenser has enough issues as a 16 year-old man, and I wanted to keep his nose and paws in good working condition this winter as this product attests to do. Snout Soother is the perfect blend of moisturizing, nourishing, and healing ingredients for dry dog nose problems and can be used as an overall dog dry skin remedy! It is comprised of 100% natural ingredients that include Shea Nut Butter, Organic Hempseed Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosemary Extract, Natural Vitamin E, and Candelilla Wax. Additionally, Natural Dog Company works with dog rescue organizations across the United States and Canada and enjoys sponsoring rescue fundraising events and donating their products where needed.

Here are a few photos of what we received:

Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review

And here’s a video where I take a closer look at the package:

Included in the package:
- 1 Snout Soother, gift wrapped, 2 ounces

Here is some information about Snout Soother from its FAQ page:

Frequently Asked Questions

- What are the recommended uses of Snout Soother?
Snout Soother nose balm for dogs can be used for the following:
Dry, Chapped Nose
Crusty, Cracked Nose
Nose Rolls & Folds
Windburn Prevention
Natural Sunscreen
Shiny Show Dog Noses
Extreme Weather Conditions
Rashes and Skin irritations
Puppy Acne
Fading scars
Canine Dry Eye
Discoid Lupus
Brachycephalic Breeds

- How often should I apply Natural Dog Snout Soother?
The more often you are able to apply Snout Soother to your dog’s nose, the better. We recommend applying at least 2-3 times per day and especially before bedtime when bodies are healing and regenerating. Once your dog’s nose is healthy, you can reduce the frequency of applications and still maintain a bright and shiny nose.

- How soon will I notice a difference in my dog’s nose?
Most customers notice a difference within a day or two of the first application! Some customers have even reported a change in their dog’s personality from using Snout Soother. This is because chapped noses (like chapped lips) are very painful. Snout Soother provides instant relief, and your dog will enjoy life even more!

- If my dog licks Snout Soother, should I worry?
Natural Dog Snout Soother is made with 100% all natural, safe, and edible ingredients. Primary ingredients include nut oils which taste good so most dogs will attempt to lick it off, and that is perfectly normal. Snout Soother is not harmful if ingested, and it is great for a human’s chapped lips too!

- My dog tries to lick it off. What should I do?
Surprisingly, Snout Soother will still work even if most of it is licked off. The key would be to apply Snout Soother as often as possible and especially before bedtime since that is when our bodies are in healing mode. The more that it is allowed to penetrate, the better results you will get. Keep in mind, distractions work wonders. Give your dog a raw bone or yummy treat to chew on or to play with for a few minutes until Snout Soother has had a chance to work its magic!

- What do I do if my dog resists applying the nose balm to his nose?
Many dogs do not want their noses messed with because those tissues are highly sensitive and touching IS painful, even if they don’t show it. (Dogs are stoic by nature). Dogs also have many nerve endings in their noses. Imagine chapped lips – ouch!

There are several ways of accomplishing this (depending on your dog ), but what we hear the most from our customers is to make sure your dog associates the application of Snout Soother as a “reward” – not as a negative or confining situation.

Holding down or confining may not be the best option either as most dogs will resist or fear constraint. If you coax your dog with a FIRM (but gentle) approach (and sometimes treats), you should get a better response.

You might try holding a food reward in your hand and let your dog get a sniff of it. As he is licking or nibbling the treat, try to carefully swipe a bit of Snout Soother on your dog’s nose. If your dog begins to associate yummy treats with getting something put on his nose, you should have a better response.

You could also try tug toys or belly rubs – anything to distract your dog. Tug works well for many dogs, and they will let you do just about anything to their noses with a tug toy firmly locked in their jaws. At that point, keeping the tug toy is way more important than worrying about anyone touching their nose.

If you are successful, they will end up with a healthy nose and – finally – a pain free nose!

- Does Snout Soother provide any sunscreen?
Several ingredients in Snout Soother contain natural sunscreen including Kukui Nut Oil, Shea Butter, and Natural Vitamin E. This is ideal for dogs with light colored snouts. Several customers with dogs diagnosed with discoid lupus have reported positive results as well. Snout Soother has an estimated SPF 9.

- Can Snout Soother be used on a dog’s paws?
We have many customers that use Snout Soother on their dog’s paws and report great results. In fact, some of us use it on our own feet! Snout Soother has a miraculous healing effect on any dry skin, including but not limited to elbows, hands, face, and lips.

- Can Snout Soother be used on my dog’s nose folds?
Yes. Snout Soother’s emollient ingredients will help to loosen dirt and debris tucked away in the folds of your brachycephalic dog’s snout. If left unclean, this can cause infection. Specially selected ingredients in Snout Soother are bacteriostatic, meaning they inhibit the growth of bacteria.

- Can Snout Soother be used on cats or horses or other animals?
Absolutely! Snout Soother can be used on all animals.

- Are there any known contraindications with Snout Soother?
There are no known contraindications. However, you might use caution if your pet has any nut allergies.

- Where do the ingredients originate?
Ingredients are sourced from the US, Canada, Hawaii, Spain, and Ghana, Africa (none from China). All our ingredients are carefully scrutinized for the highest quality.

- Do you ship internationally?
Of course – we ship all over the world!

- What if I am not completely satisfied with Snout Soother?
We are so confident you will be thrilled with our product that we offer an UNCONDITIONAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE or your MONEY BACK. If you are not completely happy with our product for any reason, just return the unused portion of Natural Dog Snout Soother within 90 days of purchase and you will be refunded your entire purchase including shipping!

Here are some photos of Spenser getting the Snout Soother put on his little snout and pads:

Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review
Snout Soother product review

And here are two quick videos of Spenser & Basia getting Snout Soother put on them:

The verdict? First off, I’m a sucker for things that come nicely packaged with bows and such that look like a present; I just love a good presentation! I also like that though Snout Soother seems geared more for dogs, it can be used by everyone in the household. It’s safe for all animals, so we tried it on the cats as well. Mark even used it as a Chapstick. It definitely did as it said it would and kept things moist and looking moist, and it took the dryness away from other things, like Spenser’s pads, that needed it. I’m even contemplating using it for this itchy and scaly patch of dry skin that’s on my right knee that just won’t go away – wait, TMI? If you purchase this product, please let me know what you think!

(Full disclosure – Natural Dog Company provided this item to us free of charge in exchange for a product review. Thanks!)

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