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after one hour of work

This whole thing is going to take a lot longer than they thought, of course. The flooring piece alone that was supposed to be over by Friday is now going to include Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. The photo above shows about one hour’s worth of work before they left to go get more tools. Starting time was supposed to be 9:00am. At 10:30am I called the project manager to see where the flooring guys were, and he called me back to say that they were about five minutes away. By 10:40am they were ripping things up, and my internet was out. And by 10:50am one of them had already asked to use my half bath which really just grosses me out in general. I had already cleared it of the nicer things after learning my lesson at our last house when the waterproofers broke and ruined several items, one being a gorgeous silver decoration that I had sitting on the back of my upstairs toilet. Anyway, the pets were all locked away safely with only one jailbreak success from Eva that lasted just ten seconds, thankfully. I should have opened the windows in the room Basia was in because it got quite smoky in there, and I feel very guilty for that; I so won’t make that mistake again. In fact, the smoke detectors went off in various parts of the house three different times, so I didn’t get to rest well at all, of course. I still have to finish watching Nashville, Dallas, and today’s General Hospital. With my back hurting like this, though, I’m not sure exactly how much I’ll get through. And the first floor is such a mess, so we aren’t letting the cats roam around unsupervised overnight. That means they’ll be locked in with us longer than anticipated since it’ll now include nights. I feel sorry for them for that, but it’s for their safety. I mean, there are splinters, tools, and general messes everywhere. At least I doubt that they’ll have to put up with any of Spenser’s barking! Last night was night two of total blissful silence! It was fantastic, but I just wish that Mark would acknowledge its origins.

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