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How long do normal dentist appointments actually take? I feel like taking a survey on Facebook or someplace. I’m not talking about including the time involved waiting around in the waiting room, sitting around in the room for the hygienist or dentist, or even checking out – just the actual cleaning process itself. I feel like our current dentist has gone downhill by leaps and bounds. Sure, they call and text ten billion times to make sure we will be there (though they do not hesitate to cancel on us last minute), but they fly through the appointment. Not that I want to be kept anywhere very long with my back pain, but I don’t think they’re doing a good job anymore. Mark’s thrown around that we will be moving in Summer 2015, so I’m looking forward to getting a new dentist then for sure. I’m having issues with one tooth on my lower front right side, and she said it’s from the moving around that it did when I had braces. She also said that the other side should be affected too. Sure enough, that side bothered the hell out of me first awhile back but stopped. I’m hoping this will go away too, but it really bothers me whenever I introduce something cold into my mouth. Ugh.

Our construction stuff seemed to be at a standstill. I know our guy who wrote our contract was sick at the end of one week, but how hard was it to forward our stuff onto a project manager by the middle of the following week? When I called and it was still sitting on the first guy’s desk and he was out on the road after he promised me two days before it would get somewhere, I was obviously irritated. I was already irritated that Mark had this huge packet of insurance and construction info on the kitchen table and was doing virtually nothing about it, basically leaving it all for me to deal with. Fantastic. So after leaving a “where is my file” message on one guy’s machine at the construction place, I called the insurance people again, not sure of what they could or would do for me really, especially after they already issued us a check. But since it’s one of their companies that they recommend, I thought that they would like to know that they cashed our deposit yet haven’t done a thing. This guy said he’d call on my behalf to see if there were any “personality issues” and that bugged me. I could tell he and I would have them because I was very chatty and had things to get off my chest while he seemed mild-mannered, but there were no issues between us and the construction people, believe it or not. So I’m not sure who did what between those two guys I called because literally within five minutes someone from the construction firm called me and said they had my file and would be out in two days – and they were. Finally! We’ve picked out flooring replacements and paint color, and the tearing out of old floor begins tomorrow. None of that almost happened because Mark temporarily lost this project manager’s business card after he left when it was our only means of contact. Holy moly.

As for the ripping out of the flooring, I’m worried about how that’s going to affect Sam. I’ve previously had to contact my pet psychic because he turned very aggressive inside when outside noises like fireworks and thunder bothered him. We turned that issue around, and now I remind him with cuddles and phrases like “you’re safe” and “I’ll protect you” which definitely help. But now those noises are going to be quite loud and inside the house too, essentially negating everything I’ve told him about how inside the house is safe. So I have been talking to him and I had them talk last night too, and he seems to be prepared and seems to understand that this needs to happen and is a very rare occurrence. He knows where he’ll be, with whom, and with what, so all bases there are covered. Fingers crossed. I also had to contact her because about ever since the flood happened, Spenser has been barking all night, every night, terribly interrupting our sleep. We’ve tried different things. I thought pulling the shade down and leaving a light on in the room he stares into the most would help, but that did for maybe one night at best. I was convinced he was seeing something. The pet psychic told me what he’s been seeing – woodland creatures like gnomes and fairies – and it certainly takes quite a leap of faith to believe that to be true. I don’t believe but I don’t disbelieve either, I guess. I’ve never researched them, but hell, I believe in aliens and ghosts and such, so why not this? So I told Spenser that I see what he sees (I don’t) so that he doesn’t feel like he has to alert us to strangers all night long, and I put out wood offerings as I was directed to in the area of the flood. They should leave once the construction is over. And Spenser didn’t bark one time last night. Not once. Not once all night long. And I waited. Every time he got up to switch dog beds or to get a drink, I waited for the barks to come as I’ve been conditioned to for weeks now. But none came. Mark, of course, makes fun and is a nonbeliever, but that’s okay. As long as he stops yelling at the dog and instead tells the dog that he sees what he sees, then I don’t care what he really thinks. And fingers crossed that the night barking has really stopped for good now!

I, of course, love the idea of moving, but I don’t know what to expect. I’m guessing this isn’t the final move as I’ve hoped it to be because he wants to retire somewhere warm. I wish there could be a compromise where we could live where there’s plenty of snow like to the north of Philly and where he can travel to go watch spring training every year. Doesn’t that sound like a happy medium? Before we talked about a city apartment versus a house, but I guess we are sticking with a house because we need to remodel it because of our backs and back pain. Well, that, and we have ten thousand pets. Anyway, speaking of Mark, he had calmed down for awhile. It was like a switch had been flipped! It felt like a marriage again! We discussed things! Everything was calm! There was like absolutely no yelling! I cannot begin to properly express how happy I was. It was such an amazing time, but it didn’t last. He’s slowly transforming back into a rage-beast again. Everything is too much work. He was lifting the water bowls off the floor this morning to refill and complained that he didn’t want to have to do that for the rest of his life. Really? WTF? So, I spent my time the night before in a chat room trying to get him a good night’s sleep (even though he might not believe in the pet psychic) only to wake up to that nonsense again. Ugh. I know his back has really been bothering him lately, but it’s not my fault and it’s not their fault. He just got a great review, raise, and bonus at work. You’d think that would make him happy, but no. I don’t know what to do for him because I am having a tough time myself. As for my pain, I’ve been really struggling a lot. I’ve had one decent day in like two and a half weeks now which thankfully coincided with the day I went to get my hair dyed and then babysat. Oh, when I was at the salon in their bathroom, this woman walked in on me without knocking first and I was horrified for her. On my way out, I said, “Sorry you had to see that!” Anyway, prior to then and definitely afterwards, the pain has been more than horrendous. All I’ve been doing is crying and struggling really badly. It’s been quite tough. I’m thinking of getting a weighted sensory blanket for my back for the times when it feels the strong discomforting feeling back there. Kip used to lay on it, and I’d get relief. I used to talk about putting weights on it. The other day Sam laid on me, and it reminded me of all of that stuff. I’m going to ask my pain management doctor about it next week when I see her if that’s a good idea or not because part of me wonders if having weights on there would speed up the degeneration process. I want to end on a cute note. So when we brought the baby back to the house and it was nap time, Lulu was so freaking happy to see me that she attacked me with kisses! She’s not afraid of being close to the baby anymore because she ran right up to us to lick my eyes and cheeks and to squeak. See why I hate leaving the house?! I just want to be with my furbabies all the time!

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