Pacey's 2nd acupuncture

I had been a nervous wreck (again) ever since I first heard that our fifteenth impending snowfall (or whatever this one’s exact number was) was coming. See, it was slated to hit us right when Pacey’s second acupuncture appointment was scheduled, and we had already had to cancel it the last time when all the cats were puking and had diarrhea. I definitely was worried that I’d have to put it off again. I didn’t want that for him because this is for his kidney disease, and his numbers had already fallen once before with what we had been trying. Thus, this is why we turned to this treatment plan for him as it’s worked for his sister. I was so freaked out over the possibility of missing the appointment and having to reschedule it again that I emailed the mobile vet Friday night at midnight, asking her if she thought I should reschedule it now so that he wouldn’t have to be stuck waiting too long to be seen. I was happy to hear back that they had only cancelled one day this whole entire winter season. So I sat back during the weekend and watched as the snow totals went up, down, and back around. My appointment was originally at 4:00pm, but they ended up coming at 1:00pm which was great because I could nap longer after they left. Yay! And Pacey did differently this time. While he only tried to escape just once, this time he was shaking. It broke my heart because my kisses and rubs weren’t helping him calm down any. My poor guy! Spenser also got another cold laser treatment and did well with that. Hopefully none of my furbabies get sick in the near future so that the next time I’ll see the mobile vet will be in a few weeks when both Pacey and Basia get acupuncture. She’ll be due for her next kidney treatment then too.

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  • Aaw poor babies. I hope they are all better now. I wish you the best with them. I know is hard to see them in pain. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the comment.

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