back in the groove

February 24, 2014 | Comments Off

back in the groove

I was worried the most about Eva because she was sick the most and sick the longest. When she was the first one sick, I consulted my pet psychic because she is just never ever sick. She never vomits ever. Never. Plus diarrhea? What? And hiding here and there? Ack! I was so worried for her! Sure, she has the whole UTI thing that she takes medicine regularly for, but this was obviously something from a whole different realm for her! Eva is so wild, fun, and crazy that sometimes I forget that there aren’t two of her around here. She can be with me on the first floor doing something, and by the time I get to the third floor she’s up there playing, looking like she’s already been up there for the past twenty minutes or so! She has amazing energy and is the only cat to get along with all her siblings. This weekend I obviously cancelled my hair appointment because I couldn’t even think about doing something for myself when they weren’t feeling well. But now she’s back to her hyper, fun-loving self and the rest are all back to their normal selves too, and I can breathe once again. This photo is a little snapshot of her grooming out in the open in the sunshine after eating a big meal – that’s my girl!

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