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sick vet visit

I’m not sure when this all started because now it’s just all a blur, but I think it was last Friday. Eva got sick first. She had diarrhea and threw up. I thought she was all better once she took the Pepcid the vet recommended. Then Pacey wouldn’t eat breakfast one morning. He got Pepcid and seemed to be fine. But that whole cycle repeated itself with those two, and then Sam was also thrown into the mix. Then both boys were puking. There’s a lot of diarrhea in their boxes, but I’m not sure who has been doing that now, but it’s definitely more than just one kitty. I can’t think of what has changed. They have been reluctant to eat their special diet foods which does happen from time to time, so I’ve been giving them the food the girls eat, which isn’t really a shock to their system because they all swap food stations anyway. See, it was a brand new box that we opened. I called the company, and they said there wasn’t a recall – but it just seems very coincidental. I don’t believe they’ve all been sick like this at once. I feel like I’m losing my mind. Thankfully Lulu and Basia seem fine. I was going to have Mark disinfect all their bowls and boxes, but the vet said that cats don’t transfer things like that to one another. I wondered if Spenser could bring something in from the outside, and she’s going to test their poo for parasites but doubts that’s the issue. We’re also giving bland diets like boiled ground beef and chicken with rice as the vet recommended. Pacey and Sam eat it, but Eva only eats dry kibble. So I cancelled Pacey’s acupuncture since he’s not in the right frame of mind for it and scheduled a mobile vet visit for the three of them when there wasn’t any improvement. That visit took place today. The rest of the advice and suggestions came via email and phone while this was all in its early stages. The vet said they all checked out fine and seemed hydrated. She recommended we throw out the new case of food they had been eating from which we had already done. We are keeping the box to make sure we don’t get similar ones from the same lot number again. They all got injections and medicines to last for the next week, and we are to keep feeding them a bland diet while mixing their old stuff back into it slowly but surely over the span of a week. Fingers crossed this all proceeds smoothly! And at one point the vet said the last time she was here was when she put our black cat to sleep which was something I didn’t need to be reminded of. That’s like me saying to her that the last time she was here she ripped my heart out. When she was outside we got the bill from the assistant, and it was again astronomical. I need to watch my mouth because right in front of her I said to Mark that we will never be able to move unless I start blowing guys off craigslist. He mentioned something recently about us moving in Summer 2015, but who knows. Speaking of him, he hasn’t been handling this very well, of course. Spenser has been barking all night long for about a week now no matter what we do which means less sleep for all of us, and Mark is over the snow shoveling. We’ve had two more snowfalls since the last time I said we had two more snowfalls. In fact, the local news said that we are in the midst of having the third or fourth highest snow totaled winter ever on record! Anyway, due to all this, I recalled some of the advice that the therapist I saw gave me when I was really first struggling with my chronic pain and Mark’s attitude, as I think it applies again here as well. I need to envision myself wearing a suit of armor so that every time he screams about things that it just falls off and away from me. I’m going to tune it out. They are his issues, not mine. I’ve tried to help and problem-solve, but he doesn’t want my help. He wants to yell. I don’t want to be yelled at. But with my chronic pain, I’m trapped. What’s my recourse? Just not to listen. I don’t want to develop PTSD again, so I’ve got to try this before it’s too late.

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