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I recently did a product review for Access Pet Wellness, urine strips that are patented test devices specifically designed for home-use for both dogs and cats. These strip devices are for the detection of urinary tract infection, diabetes, and kidney failure. The method is non-invasive, pain-free, easy, and reliable. It allows you to test your pet at the first sign of a suspicious symptom or as preventive care right in the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is collect a small amount of urine (about 2ml or a teaspoon) to run the test. I was really grateful at the timing of our review for them because it alerted us to the diabetes issues that our cat Sam was having. If you’re new to the site, you can start with that post and read forward as to what has been going on with him.

Now Access Pet Wellness has recently partnered with Ugodog, an indoor potty training system for dogs, which also offers an easy way to collect urine. I received a sample Ugodog system because I wanted to see how it functioned firsthand before I promoted it here (even though I’m not doing a full product review of it), and it does do exactly as it says, and I think their partnership with Access Pet Wellness makes a lot of sense!

Here are two photos of it, and a quick video of how it works. Now, if you were attempting to collect urine for a test kit, you just wouldn’t use one of the provided sheets of absorbent paper.

Ugodog sample
Ugodog sample

Essentially, it is the dog version of a cat litter box. The upper tray has holes and lets the urine fall underneath into a lower tray, where an absorbent paper can be placed (or not). If the urine is clean, it is testable. I think the system would be great for urban pet owners but obviously would require a training period.

Also, Ugodog wants to share with you some Identifying Symptoms of Canine Urinary Tract Infection:

As all dog owners know, any change in your dog’s behavior is a sign that something is not right, so be aware of the slightest behavioral changes and, when in doubt, take your dog to your veterinarian right away.

Here are some symptoms you can look for:

1 – Whimpering or yelping while urinating
2 – Weight loss
3 – Vomiting
4 – Change in frequency of urination
5 – Change in amount of urination
6 – Change in smell of urine
7 – Incontinence
8 – Excessive thirst
9 – Dehydration
10 – Blood in the urine
11 – Spraying in the house

If your dog has any of these symptoms, please do not wait. Take him/her to your veterinarian or get an Access Pet Wellness home test kit right away. Treating a mild case of UTI is much easier than treating one that has grown to an advanced stage. If your dog’s UTI is left untreated, it may cause kidney disease or even renal failure.

There are steps that you can take to keep your dog from developing a UTI. You can offer both wet and dry foods, make sure there’s plenty of water available at all times, and take your dog out for regular walks. If you are not able to walk your dog for more than 6-8 hours, it is suggested that you implement an indoor or alternative potty system such as Ugodog, as forcing your dog to hold their urine in for too long can cause a build-up of bacteria and contribute to urinary tract infections.

Again, I cannot speak highly enough of the test kits from Access Pet Wellness. Even after doing my product review, I now have a stash of their Diabetes Urine Test Kits for Sam in case he starts acting off. I need to purchase the other kinds too in case any of my furbabies start acting oddly. It’s far better to be safe than sorry.

(Full disclosure – Ugodog provided a sample item to us free of charge, but it being free in no way influenced my thoughts. Thanks!)

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