enjoying his laser treatment

January 28, 2014 | Comments Off

Spenser met with his neurologist today, and that appointment didn’t go exactly as planned. I thought that they were taking additional scans and putting him on additional medication, such as Gabapentin. He did get an exam in which they determined that it’s probably a vertebrae issue which will continue to pop up every now and again, as it has been. My issue is if he has another major pain episode that his Tramadol doesn’t help him with that we need to get a second, stronger medication in-house here to have handy. I don’t want him to have to wait or suffer before he’s seen by the vet, since we have a general idea of what’s going on with him now. Our mobile vet comes out this Friday for an assortment of tasks, so I’m hoping this can get resolved then too. Since Spenser isn’t into acupuncture anymore, they performed a laser treatment on him for pain and inflammation which he just loved! I’m hoping our mobile vet can do those as well. The biggest letdown of the day was that my chronic back pain was off the charts and that I just couldn’t make the trip with them. I felt like the world’s worst pet mama, as I so obviously should. Mark called me from the appointment so I could listen in and comment, and he sent me photos and this video. It just wasn’t the same, you know? It was quite a cold day, and I had planned on covering him with a blanket while we cuddled close together during the drive. I heard he did fine without me this time, looking out the window on his own on the trip up and sleeping on the trip back.

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