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First Floor Flood 2014
First Floor Flood 2014
First Floor Flood 2014

Thursday I woke up from my nap around 1:00pm when Sam jumped on the bed and sniffed my face. I now think he was waking me up, alerting me to the fact that something was wrong. I heard a really loud grinding noise that I initially thought was coming from the street. My second thought was that it was coming from our refrigerator on the second floor. When I got to that floor, I thought maybe Sam had accidentally turned on the washing machine on the first floor because the sound now seemed to be coming from there. As I got there, I saw water everywhere to my right. But the sound was coming from the room to the left that has our pumps and such, and there was no water on the floor there. Our laundry room and the man cave were flooded like crazy, but the washing machine hadn’t been on. I called my dad, and he tried to tell me what to look for, and after a bit he suggested it may have been a frozen pipe that burst. I called Roto Rooter (in times like these, the big, shiny ads apparently get my attention), and they said they were sending someone out as soon as they could. Meanwhile, water was still coming in, and I was like OMG. I figured those guys would be in and out of the house a few times, so I rounded up all the pets and put them in various rooms with water bowls, litter boxes, and shut doors so they would all be safe. At this point I thought I could still throw a few towels down and call it a day until the plumber got here and said there were 100 gallons of water on the floor and that I needed to call my insurance and get an adjuster and all that lined up right away. From that point on, there have been a stream of phone calls made and so many people in my house that I’ve lost count. The people in the picture have been here twice so far to dry out my floors. Apparently all the floors are getting torn out, pipes are getting fixed, drywall is getting replaced, electric work may be getting redone, and my entire downstairs is getting repainted. My washing machine is broken and will be replaced as well. The adjuster didn’t give us a figure yet, so we might be calling in the public adjuster that we briefly talked to on the phone with as well. We don’t want to get screwed putting in any of our own money into this place when we are trying to save to get out of here and into a one-story. Also, along the way, we found a gas pipe and a water pipe that need repaired ASAP, so the plumber has even more work from us to do! In all of this, there was one person I just couldn’t get along with, and that was the person setting up the adjuster appointment. Ugh. I felt like she was trying to catch me in lies. I had mentioned to her that my dad was a contractor because I wanted them to know he would be here when the adjuster was. She took that to mean that he would be doing the repair work. I never said that. Never! She brought him up to Mark as well who said the same thing I did, that he is retired and is just coming to go over the numbers and measurements but is too old and lives too far away to do the work himself here. This is a long drive for him. She did the same shit with me about the plumber who came out to stop the leak, asking me several times about why he didn’t finish the work. I said he told me that his job was to stop the water from pouring in and that he then told me that my insurance gives me the name of someone to do the rest of this work. She said, “Oh, you’re saying the plumber is too much money?” to which I flipped my shit and said to her that I never said that either! She was trying to put words in my mouth all afternoon after an obviously very stressful day. I told her that I couldn’t deal with her anymore right now and to please call me back later on, and I hung up on her. After, I mainly let Mark deal with her. And there’s more to all this flood stuff, of course: how I’ve had to take charge of all of this when Mark took a day off of work to supposedly do it, how he just stood there and said nothing when the adjuster asked about damage to his property in his man cave, and how my dad totaled his car and had to get an MRI as he was driving up here to meet the adjuster with us. I’ve obviously been on my feet an extraordinarily long amount of time, and the stress from all this (plus the dog stuff from earlier in the week) has settled right into my lower back. I am so, so stiff that I can barely move, plus I am in so, so much pain. The pills aren’t working.

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