crazy few days

So Sunday night Spenser started limping around again, just as he had a few weeks ago when we took him to the emergency vet and they examined him and determined that he had somehow injured his left shoulder and left paw! If it hadn’t gotten better, they wanted to get some X-rays and such, but it did get better over the span of a few days. This time around, thankfully, he wasn’t having breathing difficulties with it. Our mobile vet has an office, so we took him there first thing Monday morning, and she was saying that he wasn’t moving his neck for her at all. She wanted to give him an x-ray and then talked about having one of her staff give him a chiropractic treatment after. She even mentioned seeing if he could maybe stand for acupuncture as well, though he hasn’t been a fan of that lately. Well, on the scan there was a black mass in his neck that she felt looked “destructive” and was possibly cancerous, though she couldn’t feel it. This obviously ruled out the chiropractic and acupuncture sessions, and she sent the scans to a radiologist to look at because she had never seen anything like it before. She also thought it could possibly be neurological. This is where this picture comes in – when all we heard was cancer.

They loaded us up with major drugs for Spenser and said we should hear back from the radiologist that night or the next morning, but we were left waiting until late afternoon on Tuesday. I couldn’t even breathe! The old man is sixteen and has survived so much, even a couple of missed diagnoses that ended up buying us much more time and a few more holidays. Since I suck at waiting and am a much better nag, I sent email and made phone calls, wondering and hoping if we were going to get yet another pass. When I finally heard our mobile vet’s voice, I knew it wasn’t cancer before she said the words because her initial hello was way too happy! The radiologist said that it looked like an error on the films and wanted views from the back and the other side if Spenser was still in the office, but he said it wasn’t anything, and it wasn’t cancer. He also had the neurologist with him when he looked at Spenser’s scans, and she wants to see him and treat him. More than likely he will be put on gabapentin, which I’ve actually taken before for my chronic pain. His first appointment with her is next week. We tried to get in sooner, but that was her first available opening, which is obviously frustrating. But each and every day he is walking better, and I am pretty sure there will be absolutely no issue by the time he sees his doctor. And fingers crossed that it won’t resurface before then either because it’s horrible to see him like that and I’m sure it’s just horrible for him too! Ugh! Oh, and, like dumbasses, we forgot to videotape him when he was stumbling around to show her.

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