hanging out with my brother

January 15, 2014 | Comments Off

Spenser & my brother

Please ignore what Spenser is wearing. There’s a product review for it coming up in a few weeks so just pretend you can’t see it, okay?

So today my brother came up to drive me to my pain management doctor. He said it was the first time we’ve seen each other in over a year. That explains all that love he’s heaping onto my dog, I suppose. I was actually surprised Spenser tolerated it. The whole photo looks like a Glamour Shot for the working set.

This whole day came about because a company accidentally sent me boxes and boxes of food when I thought I was getting a few treats. I don’t like reviewing food since my furbabies all eat specific things for their diets and health reasons. I was going to send it back or donate it, but the company said I could donate it or give it to someone I know. I thought my brother’s dog would like it, and he mentioned coming up this past Monday or Tuesday for it. Based on just that alone, we figured he’d never show up for it. When Mark told me that he couldn’t work from home the day of my appointment, I asked my brother if he’d drive me, and he said he would. Those kinds of things he doesn’t skip out on. And this way, his dog definitely would get some yummy stuff. Anyway, he had on his paint clothes, so I got him to paint over this water spot that has been annoying me for three years that Mark won’t do anything about. And my mom called to tell him, and then he told me, that a mass the size of a golf ball was found behind my dad’s stomach. More tests are being run soon. Lastly, there’s a slim chance his neighbor may move, and he said he is thinking of buying it (or buying it with my dad) and then renting it to me. This one-story is in much better condition than that other one I’ve had to write off, and it wouldn’t take much to get it up to my snooty standards, I don’t think. Alas, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

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