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This is my last post of 2013! Starting in the new year, my photo posts will have more than just a title/caption, and this should ultimately make my “a day in the life” posts shorter too. We shall see. Here’s hoping 2014 brings positive changes to the housing market so we can move into a one-story or else a windfall of cash, less back pain or no back pain at all for Mark and me, and good health for my furbabies.

Anyway, for two weeks or so I had been a weepy, PMSy mess who plowed through season 3 of Teen Mom. It was the the only thing that appealed to me to do until the cleaner asked us to babysit. Her aunt died, and we took the baby overnight to help her out. The weather was weird that day, which I should have taken as a sign, as it was a 70 degree day. A few weeks back it had just snowed something like eight inches! Anyway, the baby showed up cranky and grungy, with the grungy part being very unusual. She didn’t say one word, and she wouldn’t let me out of her sight. She wouldn’t go to Mark at all, and thankfully she went to bed shortly thereafter. In the morning, just like the other times she has slept over, she was like a brand new little girl – very happy, very giggly, very fun, and very talkative! We gave her a bath and then gave her lunch before we realized that the order should’ve been reversed since we fed her ravioli. Oops. We decided to go to the Macy’s Light Show. There were a couple other places we talked about going to, but this place appealed to us the most for whatever reason. We pulled into the parking garage and got her in the stroller, only to then discover that the elevator closest to us was out of order. We wheeled her down to the next closest one when I decided to peek at her before getting on. That’s when I saw that she had puked all over herself, the cute outfit I couldn’t wait to put her in all day, and the stroller! We were afraid we were going to miss the show, but we obviously cleaned her up the best we could in the back of Mark’s Xterra. And though she was naked, she was happy as a clam, singing and waving to people as they drove by and walked past. It was just really kind of funny. Anyway, the store itself was ridiculously packed, and it was a clusterfuck of epic proportions. We really should have known better. It was stroller hell and then some. Quite frankly at one point, I had to tell Mark to start using his stroller as a weapon so that we could actually get places. Someone who worked there misinformed us about the time, but we did get to the show. It was crowded, and sweat was literally pouring down both our backs and our faces. I think that the baby enjoyed the lights for a little bit because she was pointing at them and talking. Then again, she was also looking all around her too, so I don’t think she really cared exactly where she was. There was a lady there who had her son propped on her shoulders, but he was too busy playing a gameboy of sorts that he didn’t even look up once at the light show. WTF. I can’t even tell you how annoyed I was by this fact. Apparently the gameboy was quite loud too because they ended up in the same spots Mark did around the room, and he had it right by his ears. Then an old, tall man stepped right in front of the baby who was on top of Mark’s shoulders which blocked her view. Again, WTF. I couldn’t believe how rude that was. And then off in the corner we saw a boy I’d named future-serial-killer because he was just staring at the ground and was so very angry and alone. He freaked me out. After the light show that we ended up leaving early, we started towards a line to see some Dickens Display and Santa, but that line was ridiculously long, so we skipped that. This obviously goes without saying, but I was really hurting and the back pain was crazy. The walk from the parking garage to Macy’s itself, even though it was only a couple of blocks, really did me in, and I was pretty much suffering at that point. So imagine how I was feeling after Macy’s, right? Though I was starving, I didn’t want to wait 15 minutes for a reservation table to open up for dinner, so we just packed everything up and drove her back home to her mother, who asked us to keep her out another half hour so she could round up her other kids. So we did that with the windows down because the car still smelled like vomit with the baby’s puked clothes in it. I asked Mark if we could just tie her clothes to the tailpipe, but he didn’t think that was logistically possible. Speaking of this whole day, Mark said when we have a choice to make among multiple activities, we seem to choose wrong. Though just because the other activity involved being outside with cooler weather, we don’t know for sure that what was going on over there would have been the better bet for us.

And I think Eva was mad at me because of something to do with the baby. See, she sort of snipped at the baby, and I wagged my finger at her for it and gave her a mini lecture. After that, she did something that she’s never done – she stayed on the first floor couch near Mark for about three hours! When I came down there, she let me pet her for maybe two seconds, and then she ran right up the stairs away from me like I had the plague or something. The next day after the baby was long gone, we kissed and made up. She slept on the bed with me all day long which warmed my heart. Whew!

Speaking of my furbabies, I have some majorly good news about my little muffin, Sam! They had previously cut down his insulin intake from twice a day to once a day. When the vet tech came out on a Monday, it was decided that we would stop the insulin entirely until the vet came out four days later. She was coming to do a bunch of other things and wanted to recheck his blood sugar then as well. So when she did that, she said that he no longer has diabetes and that he no longer needs insulin. Wow! She said the changes we made in his diet did the trick, especially because we caught it all so early on. Now this could rear its ugly head again, so we are holding onto the insulin and rechecking his blood sugar in five weeks. The vet doesn’t seem worried, and we didn’t get any blood sugar checking lessons or kits, which were actually originally going to be big parts of the appointment. It’s so amazing for him! Also, Basia did really well with her second acupuncture session. Eva and Lulu’s anal glands were barely full at the three week mark, which makes it crazy to think about what a difference that one extra week has been making with Eva. And the next visit will be Pacey’s first time with acupuncture, and I’m hoping he does well with it, of course. He usually turns zombie-like when somebody picks him up, so there’s that. Fun fact (that I may have already mentioned): since four out of the five cats have been completely off dry food, there’s been hardly any vomiting!

Let’s see. Christmas was just the two of us plus the furbabies, just as I prefer it! I did see if my parents wanted to hang out on Christmas Eve, but they had plans. They said something about Christmas Day, but I had two issues with that. First off, I try my very best to keep that day for just me and the furbabies. Second, she was having family over, family I’d rather not see, so there was no way I was going to leave my house for that mess. Speaking of, my cousin texted me to see what time I was coming. She said my mom made it seem as if I were. I was very clear in email that I was not. I even had Mark reread those email exchanges I had with my mom. Anyway, because I don’t like people who are assholes, I asked my cousin if she was ever going to apologize to me for the vacation fiasco, to give her that opportunity to once again. She lied to me and said she already had. That was such bullshit. So I told her to stop texting me. My entire family is ridiculous. As for the good holiday stuff, Mark got me a new yoga computer which is cool. I wanted something that would let me watch more tv, not block flash stuff, and so on. The thing is, I’ve barely touched it yet. Ugh. It’s an adjustment, and I just need to get used to it. Back in the day, whenever I got new technology, I used to dive right on in. Now it’s like I’m freezing up because there’s so much I need to do before I will feel like it is mine (rearranging things, downloading things, etc…), and I’m intimidated! My furbabies had a good day too! Santa was very good to them, I think! I just love their tower of Catty Stacks! They really can’t get enough of their new FLIK toy! And Spenser is all about the treats, treats, treats now that he’s an old man – ha! The best part is that Mark and I have been getting along pretty well for the most part. I usually dread it when he’s home for a huge chunk of time, especially when he’s a moody bastard, but we’re doing just fine. We didn’t do much, though there had been talks of doing more than we actually did. We did get pedicures together. We talked about going back into the city one day and driving around to look at lights one night, but my back pain and antisocial self ended up vetoing both. Going into the city would have meant going to this Christmas Village thing that pops up near his work every year, but he’s already been to it a couple of times this month. He thought he saw ornaments like the ones we have, and I was annoyed he just didn’t pick them up on his own. Then I decided that I didn’t want a billion ornaments that look the same because we don’t decorate like that. So why even go there? But as for the driving around and looking at lights thing? Yeah, I felt really guilty about not doing that when I know he enjoys it so much. I went to bed that night incredibly early because I was really hurting. When I mentioned going the next night, he said he was over it. Yeah. Ugh.

As for Mark’s back, he has good moments and bad moments. He saw his doctor again over the holiday break, but nothing really came from that appointment. Mark told him that his pain has shifted some, and he’s to keep doing his core strengthening exercises. It was mentioned again that it could probably get to a point where the pain gets so strong that he will need surgery. At least he is a candidate for that, though back surgery in any form scares the shit out of me. What doesn’t make sense to me is how a lot of times at night he ends up hurting after scooping litter, but he has it in his head that he’s going to go bowling one day soon. I think he’s an idiot to even consider doing that, and I told him I wouldn’t be visiting him in the hospital afterwards. Also, remember how I was considering going dairy-free and egg-free to see if that affected my pain any? Well, this whole situation with Mark sort of made me think about how stupid that would be. I’d never look at his scans and then imagine telling him that his pain was from cottage cheese. IIRC, I went to that doctor who mentioned all that stuff to me because I wanted to change my thyroid medication which never even ended up happening. As for my thyroid doctor, I’m still with the same practice, though my second doctor left. I’m out of pills in something like nine days and have made four phone calls over the past few months about it all. I had the most preposterous call about it recently. My numbers are off, but the scrip they hopefully will call into the pharmacy won’t even be right. Every other office in America got my new blood test results but them, the ones who need it the most, but I’ll take any medication over no medication until my next appointment in February. If I don’t get it, you think I’m sleeping all the time now?! Ugh.

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