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Though I haven’t always found the pet psychic to be 100% accurate, we were having a new problem with the pets that I wanted to consult her about. Mark gets majorly annoyed each time I bring up her name because it costs money, but I get something out of it or I wouldn’t keep going back. In fact, this time we both got something out of it! So I emailed her almost a month ago to the day, we met up in a chat room a few times, and her tips and suggestions worked perfectly. See, we started finding pee outside of the downstairs litter box but right beside it. We hadn’t had any major urinating issues since Kip was around and hating Sam, and I hoped for some easy assistance since Jackson Galaxy no longer takes phone consultations (as far as I can tell).

pet psychic: Hi Rosalie.
pet psychic: Sam is protesting – contemplate what he’s been ’shut out of’. Perhaps a door, or a change in your home, a higher fence, not allowed somewhere, can’t gain access. He is expressing his displeasure about it. His protest is about ‘I can no longer get in’. I’ll check back in the morning, see if our times can connect. (It always works out when the time is right.) Let me know what the new barrier is in his world and we’ll work this out.
me: We changed a water fountain.
me: We have made the entrance to the laundry room where this box is a bit smaller but that was a month ago and because of the dog. This peeing started a week ago.
pet psychic: Hi Rosalie. The entrance to the laundry door…yes that fits. Is that where the litter box is?
pet psychic: Although the change was a month ago, he’s only expressing his displeasure now because he’s been feeling suspicious about the smaller entrance space. He no longer has a clear view when entering. One of your other animals may have taken him by surprise and although at first the change seemed fine to him, now that he’s been startled, he’s feeling that it is disempowering to have less view of what is around the corner/behind the door/at the entrance. He wants a bit more space to see. You have changed it for a reason so obviously it needs to stay that way. If you’ve put up some kind of board, maybe consider clear perspex or plastic instead so Sam gets full view again. Be sure to communicate to Sam the reason for the change you’ve made. I can tell him it’s because of the dog but he needs more insight. He’s asking why. He will be more likely to accept if he knows your intention for making this change.
pet psychic: Sam says ‘I don’t feel safe like I used to. I don’t want to be startled when I am peeing. I feel less knowing. I am pissed off.’
pet psychic: He doesn’t have any problem with the water fountain. He likes it.
me: I’ll tell him the situation with the dog.
pet psychic: Do you see how it’s affected his view?
me: i can see that
me: we did it because the dog lost weight when he was at the emergency vet a few months ago. He can now sneak thru their normal kitty door.
pet psychic: great, and he was fine with it until he got startled – like bumped into someone
pet psychic: Spenser
me: yes
pet psychic: and dog was getting out/in? what was dog accessing that was not good?
me: He was getting into the cat room via the cat door due to weight loss. So we put a catty stack up to make the hole smaller for the dog to keep him out.
me: he was eating their food and poop
pet psychic: Oh ok. I think Spenser is also asking for more food/nutrients. Is there some way to easily give Sam back his view? Or will he have to adjust to this setup? I want to tell him.
me: he will have to adjust until the dog puts on more weight
me: thank you
pet psychic: I am certain you are nourishing Spenser but his body isn’t absorbing as well as it could.
Me: okay
pet psychic: and you needed to know that too

And then the very next morning Mark smelled fresh pee as Pacey walked out of the laundry room/litter area, so I contacted her again.

pet psychic: Hi Rosalie. The issue is as I saw yesterday – the lack of being able to see as much as they used to be able to see when passing via that cat door. Sam now shows that he was the one who startled Pacey. However both cats are feeling less comfortable now, knowing it’s a ‘trap’, as in they can’t access the door with the same peace of mind as before.
pet psychic: I initially felt that one cat had peed then the other took over and kept peeing, and given what I felt and what your husband saw, this is likely the case. Both cats feel a bit put off that they can’t just enter the room via the old way. They will adjust. I recommend that you shift the litter box into a position where 3 sides of it are up against something, like in a corner and then put something down one other side so there’s only one side to use to get in and out. Also if possible give them back some view by using something clear. You may not have much space to change things around but that litter box wants to shift angle.
pet psychic: Pacey is sorry about his wetting. He wanted to be caught today – hence being witnessed in the act since we discussed Sam doing it. Pacey wanted to clarify who was wetting now. He says he was clumsy cos he was a bit in a hurry to get out. Sam’s wetting was likely a one of and his vibe was more annoyed than frazzled. Pacey got frazzled once and has got himself in a pattern now. That is why energy needs shaking up
pet psychic: SInce it seems that you can’t change the entrance back due to Spenser, you need to change something in the room a little to shake up the energy and help Pacey reset his behaviour. Meanwhile if it’s getting unbearable for you, you can place pee pads or puppy pads in the area but if you do, you need to be very clear about it only being for a very short time, otherwise you’ll only be enabling Pacey.
pet psychic: Sam doesn’t have anything to add on the subject for now, other than he thanks Pacey for owning up. Sam feels cooperative, so I communicate to him to be clear with Pacey that he will let him know each time he is intending to go to that door. Sam can send Pacey a mental image. They can communicate easily with each other. Pacey will slowly feel comfortable again and will be peeing in the box. Spenser is aware that he has something to do with the shift and expresses surprise that the cats have had a reaction. Spenser says, ‘I need to change something about me to help this along.’
pet psychic: make that shift in the room – anything, it can be small and subtle just change energy a bit. Let me know
me: We moved the litter box around. We had been accident free for two days and then there was an accident overnight.
pet psychic: Hi Rosalie. It’s a step, progress has been made. Both cats have accepted the new arrangement, there is peace and understanding around them. Tell them both that you understand them and want them to feel happy and free. And tell them that you love when they pee and poop in the litterbox.

So we moved things around in the room to shift its energy, and I have been talking to them all the time as well as sending them positive mental images. The accidents have completely stopped in the laundry room. And this was weeks ago! Fingers crossed that things all stay this harmonious! Her advice was great, and I’ll definitely reach out to her again.

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