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October 22, 2013 | Comments Off

Last month GREENIES® held a Twitter chat to help provide a way for pet owners to discuss the main questions when it comes to premium pet oral health. Along the way with each tweet, they were hoping to raise money for the Oral Care for Service Dogs program. Some funds were raised, and they hope to meet their goal this month.

Pet oral health is an important aspect of a pet’s overall, whole body health and is an issue that many pet parents either don’t know enough about or don’t recognize the significance of. In an effort to educate the pet community about how crucial a pet’s healthy mouth can be, GREENIES® has partnered with the American Veterinary Dental College to provide oral care for service dogs.

Service dogs use their mouths each and every day to accomplish vital tasks for their owners, like picking up items off of the floor or pulling doors open and closed when necessary. Without a healthy mouth, these animals would be unable to provide their owners with the type of care and attention they need.

In October, GREENIES® will be donating up to $20,000 to go towards the funding of oral care treatments for service dogs. The more they get the message out about the Greenies Oral Care for Service Dogs program and how important oral care is for pets, the more money they’ll be able to donate to help keep the mouths of animals who selflessly serve us each day healthy and in tip-top shape.

So, how can you help?

- Each new like on The GREENIES® Brand’s page on Facebook will activate a $1 donation to the Oral Care for Service Dogs program
- Each new comment or like to program-specific Facebook posts will also activate a $1 donation to the Oral Care for Service Dogs program
- To qualify, like must occur between 10/14/13 at 12:00:00 am and 10/31/13 at 11:59:59 pm

- Each use of #greeniesgives on Twitter will activate a $1 donation to the Oral Care for Service Dogs program
- To qualify, each tweet must contain the hashtag #greeniesgives

- For every blog post written about the importance of pet oral health and how GREENIES® Dental Chews and Treats help to keep pets healthy and happy, The GREENIES® Brand will donate $100 to the Oral Care for Service Dogs program
- Blog content can be about topics ranging from bad pet breath and its implications, to how to brush pet teeth, to the importance of VOHC accepted dental treats. You choose – it’s up to you!
- If you choose to write a blog, I have some more info from GREENIES® to provide that you might like to include, so just send me an email

As for me, I think this is a great cause. I’ve been disabled for just over six years now with chronic lower back pain, so I can definitely see how important a service dog could be in someone’s life. I also know from experience how important maintaining a healthy mouth in a pet can be. I also like to think of it as this: I brush my own teeth, and my furbabies deserve the same kind of family treatment, right? I could be better at keeping up with their teeth brushing, but at their last checkups, all the cats had gotten rave reviews about how wonderful their teeth were, which is a good thing to hear. Spenser could use a cleaning, but we hesitate giving him anesthesia at his advanced age. When Pacey was a little kitten, we were told that he’d need constant dental care due to bad gums, but thankfully he outgrew that! And when we adopted our elderly beagle Becca, we inherited quite a messy mouth. She had been abused, and one of the areas it showed in was in a lack of dental care. I’ll never forget the look the receptionist gave me when I picked her up from her first dental cleaning, like her mouth was my fault! She gave me about thirteen to fifteen pulled teeth in a baggie, along with dental wipes and other at-home dental care products. She had to get a couple more pulled a year later as well. Despite all that, she just loved to chew bones – the harder, the better! We had her less than two years before she got sick with kidney disease, and the vet suggested her prior lack of dental hygiene had something to do with that. My furbabies are my family, and I’m always looking them over to see if they need any kind of vet care. We have a mobile vet on speed dial, we check out their bodies (ears, eyes, teeth, and have the matching wipes), and we give them supplements and treats like GREENIES®. I feel that it’s better to be proactive so that they’ll ideally be around for as long as they can!

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