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September 24, 2013 | Comments Off

I’m in serious pain today. It’s really been just more of the same. Good days, bad days, hell days. Today I’d classify as a hell day. It sucks because I was hoping to get my toes done and grab dinner afterwards once Mark got home from work. What was also a bummer was the reality I was hit in the face with when he went home to visit family for two and a half days last week. He hasn’t gone there in a long time, so I bit the bullet and wasn’t overly nervous in the usual way. What killed me was that I was able to do even less than I thought I’d be able to do around here house-wise, like with scooping the litter and keeping everything else straightened. It was all very humbling, pathetic, and sad. If we ever do divorce or he dies before I do, I’m in for quite a world of hurt, more than what I’m used to. And note to self: Don’t just say to be kinder. Actually be kinder! It’s sort of hard right now because he was treated like a freaking king by his mother and now has that nasty attitude again whenever he has to do something that doesn’t involve watching or playing sports. Lastly, I see my pain management doctor tomorrow. I bet that nothing really changes except that she increases my Topamax and that I’m supposed to go back in two months. I’m not sure if at this point I should laugh or cry.

Anyway, I broke my iPhone case in a second spot and am going without a case entirely until we get our new phones in a few weeks, the next time my hair is due to be dyed. Last time I went with a dark color with auburn highlights. The dark was my idea because I wanted it to match my new brows. I think the next time I’ll get the auburn out since Mark doesn’t seem to like that part of it. So I hope the adjustment to the new phones won’t be too traumatic like the switch to iOS 7 has been for me. They changed way too many things that didn’t need changing. I just don’t like it. And five days later I still don’t know what half of this does. Also, it has now made a lot of my apps work a lot slower. This happened on the heels of my Wordpress app updating and freezing on every screen it now pulls up within itself. Now to upload pics I have to take several more steps, and it’s just super annoying. Blah, blah, blah.

We babysat the cleaner’s baby overnight last Wednesday into Thursday. She wasn’t herself at all on Wednesday. She stared off into space a lot, so we put her down at 8:00pm. Besides waking up for a diaper change at 3:30am, she slept until about 9:30am, I think. She was whiny and clingy to me on Thursday – I literally couldn’t be out of her sight! It wasn’t the best time we ever had, but it was okay, and she left by 3:00pm. I can’t even remember what we did other than the usual routine. She sometimes refers to us as mama and dada, but I know that’s just because we’re filling that role for her while she is here. But it does melt my heart!

I also think why Thursday doesn’t stand out is because we had the mobile vet come out to see Lulu and Eva. When Mark came home from his trip he found a tooth on the floor. After we looked at all of their mouths, it was determined to be Lulu’s tooth. Lulu lost a tooth?! She was acting so weird the Saturday before he left, so much so that I decided we should stay home with her. Sunday she was fine. Thus, I’m thinking it came out then. The vet said it wasn’t a good tooth which surprised us because she was examined a year ago and hasn’t indicated any problems since then. We definitely need to get better about wiping down their little mouths. So the vet said that she is puffy around where the tooth came out and that we should avoid her wet food treat for two weeks. Well, she gets her tummy medicine stirred into that wet stuff. Without it she had a barf fest again, so we started giving it to her once more. When the vet comes out for her recheck, I hope that we don’t find out that we made a mistake. I don’t want her to have to go in for a dental cleaning when the rest of her teeth look okay because of this. As for Eva, I noticed last Monday or Tuesday that she was licking her private parts a lot. She wasn’t using the litter box more than usual and she still gets her UTI medicine regularly, so I didn’t know if that was resurfacing or not. Well, it turns out that like her sister, she has anal gland issues now too! One side was impacted and the other had an abscess. Holy hell! The abscess, of course, is making me nervous. We are hoping to find at her recheck that it has gone away on its own or at least has gotten smaller. If not, she will need an ultrasound to determine what is going on with it. To say I’m a nervous mess over my two girls is quite the understatement. Mark did pick up some new food that’s high in fiber to mix in with their regular food, and that is supposed to prevent future anal gland issues. Fingers crossed!

Now let’s end with a cute kitty story! So the other morning the power went out briefly, and my sound machine turned off with it. When it kicked right back on, it selected the ocean setting over our beloved white noise setting. Lulu was laying on me, and we were both trying to adapt to this new sound. I cracked open an eye and saw her little ears twitching to the sounds. With that, I realized we weren’t going to fall back asleep, so I just had to change it back to our white noise – more for her benefit, of course!

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