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August 14, 2013 | Comments Off

PMS had me crazy a few days ago. Just crazy. I was convinced Mark & I were drifting apart because we don’t have a lot of things in common, but that’s not really anything new. At the time, of course, it just seemed earth-shattering.

I’ve been doing such an exceptional amount of sleeping that I’ve been wondering if I need to see my thyroid doctor again. Ever since I started the methadone, I’ve been sleeping nonstop. I would think that after two (or so?) months of that my body would have adjusted by now. So now I’m left thinking that maybe that drug has affected my thyroid drug. Seriously, I took three freaking naps yesterday. Three! While it’s great in that I’m not feeling the pain in my lower back while I’m asleep, I feel pretty worthless. Speaking of, I recently was offered to do a series of six sponsored posts for $1000 total for a pretty major pet company. Since that’s like the most action this site has seen, I accepted. Then reality sunk in. I had some of the toughest pain days I’d seen in awhile, and I’m sleeping all the time. And then the biggest thing of all is the concentration involved because these articles involve piecing together things from various online sources, which is way more involvement than what a typical product review requires. So then I declined. Sigh. I guess I’ll never hit the blogging big time this way, but it is what it is. And speaking of pain, holy hell! Yesterday was the first day I’ve been able to breathe in about a full week. I had been knocked down and sobbing. The intensity and longevity of it had me in a major “woe as me” place where I was questioning why I continue on living like this.

Two weekends ago we babysat the cleaner’s baby for the entire weekend, and Mark & I both had so much fun with her! She tried to do everything we asked her to do, like clicking her tongue and snapping her fingers, and it’s just so cute to watch. And when she was tired, she reached for me or crawled to me and then collapsed on me to rest or sleep! When her mom picked her up, she started hitting her repeatedly. She never once hit us all weekend long, so I’m choosing to believe that I was so awesome that she just wanted to stay with me. Ha! Also that weekend my parents came up to visit Spenser, to bring me up my favorite ice cream from my favorite ice cream stand back home, and to bring up the ladder Mark needed to cover up the bathroom vent that birds had gotten into. My mom couldn’t tell or at least had pretended not to notice that I had my eyebrows tattooed on. After I pointed them out to her, she said they could be thicker. Oh, mom. And last weekend we had plans to visit another cat retirement home and to do a couple other things, but the pain sidelined me. Mark went for a couple bike rides and took the dog to a park, so at least he didn’t end up resenting me in a major way.

As for my furbabies, I had the mobile vet come out to recheck Lulu’s anal glands and to give the boys their yearly wellness check. I’m still not used to having only 2 boy cats now. This week will mark a full year since we lost our amazing Kippy Doodles. There will always been an emptiness. As for the exams, the boys were fine for the most part, except we do need to watch Sam’s weight. We are aware of this and the week before have already had him in a harness outside, trying to get his ass moving around (he basically stood still and ate grass). Eva needs exercise too. She was once receptive when it came to the treadmill, so I’d like to really start and focus there with them both. As for Lulu’s anal glands, they were getting full again but not to the point where she was licking the fur back off her tail (it’s grown back in nicely). If that happens again, we will need to decide if the vet should come out monthly or if she should have the surgery that had been mentioned for Spenser years ago. Thankfully Lulu didn’t put up much of a fuss this time around. Last time she made some very upsetting sounds that the vet insisted were being made only because she was uncomfortable and not because she was in any kind of pain. Spenser has been doing just great since his health scare, minus this thing where he’s been scraping his back legs. Is it an allergy thing? A nerve thing? Both are being addressed, so we are hoping for his sake that there’s a resolution soon. And at acupuncture he always gets compliments! Just this past Monday they said that he looks good for his age and are surprised that for being 15.5 years-old that he still wags. Apparently older dogs stop looking happy and stop wagging which is a sad thing to think about. Mark & I have been actually finding ourselves saying lately all the time now that he is getting cuter and being cuter! Also, I love when Lulu licks my eyelids & cheeks and when Basia asks me for treats in the morning (she spent literally eight years ignoring me, so it’s really a special kind of time for us now)!

With regards to tv, Mark thinks my taste in it really sucks. We tried watching Mad Men and Breaking Bad together, but I got bored by them both after about like three episodes each; now he watches them on his own, along with other cable hits I just can’t seem to get into. I never went back to Ally McBeal either. I stopped watching my back-from-the-dead soaps on Hulu. When I’m not sleeping, I watch General Hospital on YouTube or reruns of Gossip Girl on NetFlix. I am trying to keep up with the Housewives and Teen Mom franchises. I’m keeping up with Big Brother because it’s just so overly horrendous. Other than that, yeah, I’ve scaled back. Anyone have anything to recommend?

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