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July 20, 2013 | Comments Off

Spenser seems to be getting better and better every day. I can’t believe he was misdiagnosed at first. But now that the new verdict is pulmonary hypertension and he’s taking Viagra, he seems instantly remarkably better. A weight has been lifted off of both our shoulders! He’s definitely keeping these pills down, and he’s still eating more and more. I can’t believe the antibiotics that were making him sick were ones he didn’t even need. I’d say he’s about 90-95% back to normal. It’s remarkable! Also remarkable is the difference in pricing between regular Viagra and the compounded version. We paid $500 for 15 pills whereas now we pay $45 for 100 pills. I was wayyy off on the new pricing, thankfully. There’s a chance his body won’t respond as well to the compounded pills as to the regular version, but we are obviously hoping for the best.

I spoke with my mom (phone) and brother (text) quite a bit during the time Spenser was at the emergency vet. Mom and Dad were supposed to come up here to see him last weekend, but I cancelled that when Spenser was throwing up everything in sight. Hopefully one of these weekends our schedules will all work out because my dad has the right-sized ladder that we need to use to block the way the birds got into the bathroom vent on the second floor. We were going to hire a handyman, but they get to see the beagle and we can save a few bucks.

Another pet that gave me a heart attack recently is my little Lulu. I noticed that she had been licking a lot at the back of her tail, so much so that a section of hair was missing! I thought it was all from stress at first, from another brother of hers being “gone” and/or from me leaving the house every day to go visit him. I thought it was stress so much so that I had no issue rescheduling her appointment when I woke up unable to move and in severe pain. Well, fate had other ideas, and they never got my cancellation call – and it was for the best! Turns out she had impacted anal glands. I’m so, so glad she was seen at their earliest appointment. I feel guilty for trying to put it off. Ugh. The worst thing about it was the screaming she did. I started bawling my eyes out instantly at the sounds she was making, but the vet assured me that she was being vocal not because she was in any kind of pain but because she was uncomfortable. We are all hoping this was a one time only thing, and we were given cream to put on the hairless part of her lower tail. She gets rechecked in a few weeks with an appointment time set for when Mark will definitely be home to help. And she definitely looks like she’s feeling better; her eyes are happier!

I deleted a whole bunch of things from the DVR because I just couldn’t stand seeing them sitting there. The best part is that I don’t even miss them any! I’ve found that watching Gossip Girl has had quite a calming influence on me over the past few stressful weeks. I originally thought I just hadn’t watched the last two seasons when it’s really the last three seasons (and probably part of season three too). But it’s relaxing me, and that’s all that counts. I’m beyond tired so my schedule is watching Gossip Girl, reading a foster care message board, sleeping, watching Gossip Girl, reading a foster care message board, sleeping, and repeat. That would be glorious if it weren’t nestled between worrying about the old beagle and dealing with my back pain. The pain the past four days has been beyond heinous. The pills aren’t working, and I have a heating pad strapped to my back (even though it’s 97 degrees outside) which means I’m a fantastic sweaty mess! This heinous pain will cycle through to gross pain soon enough, and I’ll welcome the slight change with open arms. Also, I got more forms from disability that said that they still haven’t received anything from my pain management doctor as of yet. That doesn’t surprise me because that office is a disorganized mess on a good day. But if the office doesn’t get their act together, disability will rule on my case without this info – and that isn’t good. I called the office, and they said they didn’t have anything. I called disability, and they now said that they had gotten a scanned response from them but that it didn’t include any files. I can only hope that means those files and reports are forthcoming. I called last Monday, so I’ll call again this coming Monday. Ugh.

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